Plc Programmable Controller Compatible With PLC Delta Es2 Dvp 16/24/32/40/60 200R/200T

  • High-speed input: 2 channel 100kHZ; 6 channel 10kHz
  • Single phase input 8 points: AB phase input 4 groups
  • High-speed comparison interrupt: 8 points
  • Communication port 1*RS232, 2*RS485
  • 8 expansion modules can be connected, support S-curve acceleration and deceleration function, and support inverter control commands

AMS programmable logic controller (PLC) boards that are compatible with the plc Delta Electronics ES2 series. The PLC is capable of measuring and controlling various inputs and outputs and is specifically designed to work with the Delta ES2 series of devices.

The high-speed input of 2 channels at 100 kHz and 6 channels at 10 kHz suggests that the PLC is capable of collecting and processing data from multiple sources at different speeds.

The single phase input of 8 points and AB phase input of 4 groups implies that the PLC can measure and control the electrical phases of an AC power supply.

The high-speed comparison interrupt of 8 points indicates that the PLC has the ability to interrupt the normal processing of the system based on certain conditions.

The communication port of 1 RS232 and 2 RS485 suggests that the PLC has multiple ports for communication with other devices or systems, which provides flexibility and scalability in terms of connecting to other devices. 

The ability to connect 8 expansion modules further suggests that the PLC can be expanded to accommodate additional inputs and outputs as needed. 

Additionally, the support for S-curve acceleration and deceleration functions and inverter control commands indicates that the PLC is capable of controlling and adjusting the speed of motor-driven systems.

  • DC24V
  • High-speed input: 2 channel 100kHZ; 6 channel 10kHz
  • Single phase input 8 points: AB phase input 4 groups
  • High-speed comparison interrupt: 8 points
  • Communication port 1RS232, 2RS485
  • 8 expansion modules can be connected, support S-curve acceleration and deceleration function, and support inverter control commands

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Power supply voltage24VDC/100-240VAC(-15%-10%)
Connection methodDrop-off European terminal block (distance between endpoints: 5MM)
Operation specificationsWhen the power supply slowly rises to 95~100VAC, the PLC starts to move, and when the power supply drops slowly to 70VAC, the PLC stops its action. The power supply will continue to run within 10MS of instantaneous power failure.
Power fuse capacity2A/250VAC
Power consumption30VA
DC24V current output*1500MA
Power protectionDC24V output with short circuit protection
Surge voltage tolerance1,500VAC (PRIMARY-SECONDARY), 1,500VAC(PRIMARY-PE)
Insulation resistanceAbove 5Q (500VDC between all output/input points and ground)
Interfere with immunityESD(IEC 61131-2JEC61000-4-2):8KV AIR DISCHARGE
EFT (IEC 61131-2, 61000-4-4): POWER LINE: 2KV, DIGITAL /0: 1KV,
RS (IEC 61131-2,LEC 61000-4-3): 26MHZ-1GHZ,10V/M
GroundedThe wire diameter of the grounding wiring shall not be less than the wire diameter of the power terminal L and N
(When multiple PLCs are used at the same time, be sure to ground at a single point)
Operating/storage environmentOperation 0℃-55℃ (temperature), 5-95% (humidity) Pollution degree 2
Storage: 25℃-70℃ (temperature), 5-95% (temperature)

Analog module input/output (number of channels * resolution) configuration

X external input relayX0-377, 256 points, octal code (*4)
Y external output relayY0-Y377, 256 points, octal code (*4)
M auxiliary relay for general useM0~M511,512 points (*1) M768~M999, 232 points (*1)
M2000-M2047, 48 points (*1)
M auxiliary relay power failure retention
M512~M767, 256 points (*2)
M2048-M4095, 2,048 points (*2)
M auxiliary relay for special useM1000~M1999,1,000points (partially maintained after power failure)
T Timer 100ms (M1028=ON,T64~T126为10ms)T0~T126,127 points(*1)
T128-T183,56 points(*1)
T184~T199 subroutines with 16 points (*1)
T250~T255],6-point accumulation type (*1)
T Timer 10ms(M1038=ON,T200-245为1ms)T200-239,40points(*1)
【T240~T245】,6 points Cumulative(*1)
T Timer 1msT127,1 points (1)
【T246-T249】,4 points Cumulative(*1)
C counter 16-bit upper numberC0-111,112 points(*1)
C112-C127,16 points (*2)
C128-C199,72 points(*1)
C counter 32-bit up/down the numberC200-C223,24 points(*1)
C224-C232,8 points(*2)
C counter 32-bit high-speed counterC235-C244,1 phase 1 input,,10 points (*2)
C245-C250,1 phase 2 input,,6 points (*2)
C233,C234,C251-C254,2 phase 2 input,,7 points(*2)
S step point initial step pointS0-S9,10 points(*2)
S step point for home returnS10-S19,10 points(used with ST command)(*2)
S Step point For power failure retentiveS20-S127,108 points(*2)
S step point Generally useS128-S911,784 points(*1)
S Step point for alarmS912-S1023,112 points(*2)
T timer current valueT0-255,16-bit timer256 points
C Counter current valueC0~C199,16-bit counter 200 points
C200-C254,32-bit counter 55 points
D data register generally useD0-D407,408 points,(*1)
D600-D999,400 points(*1)
D3920~D9899,5,980 points(*1)
D Data register for power failure retentionD408-D599,192 points(*2)
D2000-D3919,1,920 points(*2)
D Data register For special registerD1000-D1999,1,000 points (Some are maintained after power failure)
D Data register for special modulesD9900-D9999,100 points(*1)(*5)
D Data register for indirect designationE0-e7, f0-f7.16 points(*1)
N Master Reusen0-n7,8 points
P CJ, CALL instructionP0-P255,256 points
I interrupt External interrupt insertionI00口(X0),I10口(X1)I20口(X2)
I60口(X6),I70口(X7),8 points
(口=1,trigger on rising edge,口=0,trigger on falling edge)
I interrupt Timed interrupt insertionI6口口,I7口口,(口口-05~99ms),2 points
I interrupt High-speed counting reaches interrupt insertionI010、I020、I030、I040、I050、I060、I070、I080,8 points
I interrupt communication reception interrupt insertionI40(COM1)、I150(COM2)、I60(COM3)(*3),3 points
Constant K decimalK-32,768-K32,767(116-bit operation)
K-2,147,483,648~K2,147,483,647(32-bit operation)
Constant H hexadecimalH0000- HFFFF(16-bit operation)
H00000000 -HFFFFFFFF-(32-bit operation)
*1 Non-latched area, cannot be changed
*2 The latched area cannot be changed
*3 COM1 is the built-in RS-232 communication port, COM2 and COM3 are the built-in RS-485 communication ports
*4 When the number of digital input expansion X points is extended to 256 points, the output Y can only use 16 points. On the contrary, when the output Y points are extended to 256 points, the input X can only use 16 points.
*5 This area will be valid only when the host is connected to an analog module, and each connected analog module will occupy 10 points

Power-off hold action

Memory typePower OFF→ ONSTOP→RUNRUNSTOPM1031 non-maintained areas are all clearedM1032 power failure retention area is all clearedFactory setting value
Non-power failure retentionClearNo changeWhen M1033 is OFF, clear
When M1033 ON, no change
ClearNo change0
power failure retentionNo changeNo changeNo changeNo changeClear0
Special M, Special D indirectly designated registerInitial value settingNo changeNo changeNo changeNo changeInitial value setting



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