HF020 Motor Controller

Features: 1. Automatic and manual functions2. Speed can be adjusted3. Forward and reverse4. There is a delay function5. It can run cyclically6. Acceleration and deceleration settings7. Electronic gear ratio setting Check On LOLLETTE This is an operation control module specifically for stepping/servo motors. The module has no programmable function, but has a variety of fixed operating modes built-in, and users can quickly select a suitable motion track. You can save and set the distance/speed/delay/cycle times when power off. It can run independently as a module, or cooperate with other systems as a third-party module to make up for the lack of motor output shaft.

Wellpro RS485 MODBUS Module

WP3066ADAM ( 8 DS18B20 ) _ temperature acquisition module WP3078ADAM ( 3AO ) _ 4-20MA analog output module WP3076ADAM ( 1AO ) _ 0-20MA / 4-20MA analog output module WP3082ADAM ( 8AI ) _ 0-20MA / 4-20MA analog input module WP3084ADAM ( 8VI ) _ 0-10V analog input module / RS485 WP8024ADAM ( 8DI / … Read more

TK6070iH touch screen and Mitsubishi PLC communication

(1) New simple plc sample program, create external input point X0,X1, auxiliary relay M0, external output point Y0, data register D0, D1. Note: The state of external input I depends on the external physical switch state, Project project to do indicator display, not be used directly as a switch quantity. The output can be controlled … Read more

a6con1 connector

A6CON1 Connector 40 48 Pin is used For Omron Mitsubish Q Series PLC I/O Connector Servo Motor Plug FCN-360C040-B+FCN-361J040-AU Fujitsu The FCN series connector is a multi-core rectangular connector with a terminal arrangement pitch of 2.54mm. There are two kinds of wiring methods: one is soldering, and the other is crimping with 1.27mm pitch flat … Read more