How To Connect To S7 300 Via Ethernet

ETH-MPI(Smart IE) It is used to convert the MPI/DP port of S7-300 PLC into a network port for connecting to the host computer, touch screen, etc. by network cable. ETH-MPI(Smart IE) Connect the MPI/DP (master master) of the S7-300 PLC to this Ethernet converter and convert it to Siemens Profinet (TCP/IP) Ethernet protocol, which can … Read more

How To Connect To S7 200 Via Ethernet

If the S7-200 or the economical S7-200SMART (no network port, only PPI) can use ETH-PPI to convert the PPI port to Ethernet for programming (can replace the programming cable) Directly connect WinCC with network cable, save PC ACCESS, high stability, break through the limit of 8 smart200s connected to WinCC, and can reach more than … Read more

Profinet Remote IO Module Selection

Siemens PLC’s Profinet substation/slave module, which integrates Modbus RTU and Profinet protocol interchange gateway, supports Siemens 200smart, 300, 1200, 1500 and other PLCs Check Price Protocol Profinet,Modbus TCP Network Port 3 *100M ports, switch function 485 Gateway 2 channels, support 485 to PROFINET function Terminal Quick connect terminal Digital Input PNP/NPN auto-adaptation Digital Output PNP … Read more

RVNetS7 driver-free in Portal

1.New project 2.Double click “Add New Device” Select “Controller”, select “SIMATIC S7 300”-“CPU” in the drop-down list, select the model you actually connect to the PLC, and click “OK”. 4.Double-click the “MPI port_1” of the PLC, configure the MPI port, and click “Add New Subnet”. 5.The “MPI_1” network will be automatically generated. Please keep the … Read more

RVNet driver-free in STEP7

Set PG/PC interface On the web page, go to the “S7 bus interface parameters” page of RVNet-S7300, set the “STEP7 programming PLC address” parameter (default is 2), and click the “OK” button after modification. Open the STEP7 programming software, select the menu “Options\Set PG/PC Interface…”, select TCP/IP->(computer network card) in the pop-up dialog box, and … Read more