1, support all Mitsubishi plc the PC programming software, using 24V power supply, high-voltage and low-voltage protection circuit to prevent accidents. Power RS485 communication port lightning protection design. 2, download port: RS232 or Xinje Delta communication lines, or the connection interface interpersonal communications and other functions; 3, communication port: RS485 communication port supports direct connection … Read more


Lollette is china plc brands, cf2n is one of our china plc controller series,our cf2n plc support Mitsubishi fx2n plc,also use Mitsubishi software Gx-develop 8.5 Support Mitsubishi GX-Develoer Support for human-machine interface connection, the application is completely equivalent to Mitsubishi FX2N Support ladder programming, download, monitoring.  The programming port used for program download and communication … Read more


PLC using industrial grade anti-jamming strong 32 bit MCU, and the running speed is far beyond the original FX1N, X0~X5 high speed input the highest 12K, 1 AB, support SFC, support for monitoring (write) mode, support all kinds of text screen, touch screen, memory clear, support special encryption support (as long as the keyword input … Read more


LOLLETTE Brand LE3U PLC is compatible with Mitsubishi GX-Developer/GX-WORK2 software and supports human-machine interface connection, making it equivalent to the Mitsubishi FX3U PLC. It supports ladder programming, download, and monitoring, and uses a programming port for program download and communication with the human machine. The LE3U PLC is designed with an industrial-grade 32-bit MCU, which … Read more