BCNet-DVP-S is used for Ethernet data acquisition of Delta DVP-ES/ES2/EX2/EC3/EH3, DVP-SV/SS2/SA/SX2, DVP-10PM/20PM series PLC, which is very convenient to build production management system . The module integrates the WiFi function, supports AP mode, STA mode and AP+STA mode, which is very convenient to build a WiFi network, and perform PLC programming and data collection directly through WiFi. BCNet-DVP-S adopts a plug-and-play design and does not occupy the PLC communication port, that is, while the programming software/host computer software monitors the PLC data through Ethernet, the touch screen can communicate with the PLC through the multiplexing interface, supporting the industrial control field. Most SCADA software supports Delta Ethernet protocol and ModbusTCP communication method.

BCNet-DVP-S function

  1. Installed on a 35mm guide rail, no external power supply required. The COM1 port is connected to the round port of the PLC, and the COM2 expansion port is used for touch screen communication.
  2. Through the WEB server or the configuration diagnostic tool BCDevice, the device can be parameterized and run diagnostics.
  3. Automatic identification of PLC model, automatic matching of PLC and HMI serial parameters, without additional configuration.
  4. Integrated WiF function, support AP mode, STA mode and AP+STA mode
  5. PLC programming data collection can be carried out through WiFi.
  6. Realize Ethernet communication with Delta programming software WPLSoft and ISPSoft.
  7. Support Delta Ethernet protocol communication, support access to host computer software (MCGS, KepWare OPC server, etc.).
  8. Integrated ModbusTCP server, support FC1, FC2, FC3, FC5, FC6, FC16, Modbus data area is automatically mapped to PLC data area.
  9. Using ModbusTCP, it can realize advanced language programming (such as VB, VC, C#, etc.), realize data communication with PLC, and facilitate the development of production management system.
  10. The SCADA (upper configuration software) that supports OPC channel communicates with PLC in OPC mode.
  11. It can realize WPLSoft, ISPSoft, ModbusTCP connection modes at the same time, and support the connection of 32 upper computers.
  12. Support firmware update on the user side through Ethernet, one purchase, permanent upgrade.


Technical Parameter

Product numberBCNet-DVP
DescribeDelta DVP series PLC Ethernet communication processor
ColorMetallic Black
Status DisplayPwr, Coml,Com2, WiFi
Ethernet interface
Interface Type
output rate
Protocol support
Number of TCP connections
Link/Active indicator, automatic polarity crossover
RJ45 female socket
WPLSoft, ISPSoft^, ModbusTCP
up to 32
WiFi interface
Interface Type
transmit power
Receive sensitivity
Wireless type
Security Mechanism
Protocol support
Number of TCP connections
802.11 b/g/n 2.4G-2.5G
External high gain antenna
+26dBm(MAX,2.4G 802.11b/g/n)
-89d Bm (802.11b)x -74d Bm (802.11g)x -72d Bm (802.11n)
Station/AP mode
up to 32
X1 interface (connected to PLC)
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
MD8 communication female port
9.6K, 19.2K, 38.4K, 115.2Kbps
Delta PLC communication protocol
X2 interface (with HMI)
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
MD8 communication female port
9.6K, 19.2K, 38.4K, 115.2Kbps
Delta PLC communication protocol
Configuration Software
OPC software
Kingview, 3D Force Control, etc.
KepWare OPC
Diagnostics and Parameter settingIE browser, default, BCDevice
Power supply
Voltage type
Directly take power from the communication port or External 24VDC
Operating temperature0~60℃
Working humidity90% non-condensing
Installation method35mm rail installation
Electromagnetic Compatibility2014/30/EU
Factory agingThe 60-degree aging box runs for 168 hours, and the power is turned on and off 500 million times
Communication stabilityContinuous communication with PLC for 30 days, 130 million times of communication with 0 errors
CertificationCE Certification
Dimensions (LWH)115*27*75mm

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