BCNet Ethernet Communication Module

Siemens PLC communication module

Mitsubishi PLC communication module

Omron PLC communication module

Panasonic, Koyo, Keyence, Fuji, Yaskawa

Delta, Fatek, Fengwei, Xinjie, Inovance

ModbusTCP, AB, Schneider, LS, Power Protocol

Network port to network port series

Ethernet port to Ethernet port series (wireless)

Switch, transparent transmission, remote upload and download, touch screen adapter

  • BCnet SW (5-port industrial switch)| Buy Link
  • BCnet WiFi (serial / Internet server)| Buy Link
  • BCnet-r20 (download PLC program on VPN remote)| Buy Link
  • BCnet-r40 (download PLC program from 4G remote)| Buy Link
  • Hmi-s7300 (smart screen connected to s7-300/400)| Buy Link
  • Hmi-s71200 (smart screen connected to s71200/1500)| Buy Link

Applicable to: BCNet-S7200/300/FX/Q/CP/CJ/FP/DVP/XJ/KV series.

C# example (ModbusTCP)

modscan can be used for ModbusTCP and ModbusRTU communication tests.

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