BCNet-S7200-S is used for data acquisition of PLC such as Siemens S7-200/SMART S7-200, etc. It is very convenient to build a production management system. The module integrates WiFi function, supports AP mode, STA mode and AP+STA mode, which is very convenient to build a WiFi network, and perform PLC programming, data acquisition and data exchange directly through WiFi. It supports communication with Ethernet interface of S7-200SMART, S7-1200/1500, S7-200/300/400, ModbusTCP master-slave communication and point table detection function. The straight-through type and the bridge type can be dialed for selection. The straight-through nine-pin female port can be connected to Siemens and Proface touch screens and the main station, and the bridge-type nine-pin female port can be connected to the touch screen.

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BCNet-S7200-S Features

  1. Support multi-master communication, the expansion port can be connected to touch screen or other masters.
  2. Set parameters and run diagnostics on the device through the WEB server or the configuration diagnostic tool BCDevice.
  3. The baud rate is adaptive from 9.6Kbps to 187.5Kbps.
  4. Installed on a 35mm guide rail, connected to the PPI communication port of the PLC or the communication port of the EM277 through a DP cable, and an external 24VDC power supply is required.
  5. Integrated WiFi function, support AP mode, STA mode and AP+STA mode.
  6. PLC programming, data acquisition and data exchange can be performed through WiFi.
  7. Support the function of communicating with the Ethernet interface of S7-200, S7-200SMART, S7-1200/1500, S7-300, S7-400 and the function of ModbusTCP master and slave station.
  8. Support Siemens S7 Ethernet communication driver, including MicroWIN, and support WinCC to connect S7-200 directly by TCP/IP.
  9. Users can use high-level language programming (such as VB, VC, C#, etc.) according to the BCNetS7 protocol to realize data communication with S7-200, which is convenient for developing production management systems.
  10. The BCNetS7 OPC server is provided free of charge, and the SCADA that supports the OPC channel communicates with the PLC in OPC mode.
  11. Integrated ModbusTCP server, Modbus data area can be automatically or edited to map to S7-200 register.
  12. It can realize S7TCP connection and ModbusTCP communication at the same time, and supports up to 32 connections of upper computer.
  13. Support firmware update on the user side through Ethernet, one purchase, permanent upgrade.

Typical Application

Technical parameters

Product ModelBCNet-S7200-S
DescriptionSiemens S7-200 Ethernet communication processor
ColorMetallic Black
Status displayPwr,Bus,WiFi
WIFI Interface
Interface Type
transmit power
Receive sensitivity
Wireless type
Security Mechanism
Protocol support
Number of TCP connections
802.11 b/g/n 2.4G-2.5G
External high gain antenna
+26dBm(MAX,2.4G 802.11b/g/n)
-89dBm(802.11b), -74dBm(802.11g), -72dBm(802.11n)
Station/AP mode
Siemens S7TCP, ModbusTCP, BCNetS7
up to 32
S7 interface
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
DSUB 9 pin male
9.6K, 19.2K, 187.5K, baud rate adaptive
PPI/MPI slave
man-machine interface
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
Type of entry
DSUB 9 pin female
9.6K, 19.2K, 187.5K Baud rate adaptation
PPI/MPI slave
Siemens, MCGS, Wenview, Delta, Kinco, etc.
programming software
Configuration Software
OPC software
KepWare OPC, BCNetS7 OPC
Diagnostics and parameter setting toolsIE browser, default, BCDevice
Power supply
Voltage type
PLC port to take power / external 24V
Working temperature0~60’C
Working humidity95% non-condensing
Installation methodPlug and play
Electromagnetic Compatibility2014/30/EU
CertificationCE certification

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