BCNet-WiFi (serial port/network port server)

BCNet-WiFi is an industrial-oriented, high-performance wireless communication module. The industrial wireless module can easily connect the serial/network port device to the WIFI wireless network to realize the wireless network upgrade of the serial/network port device. BCNet-WiFi provides serial to WiFi, serial to Ethernet, and Ethernet to WiFi functions, which can realize two-way transparent data transmission between RS232/485/422 serial port and WiFi/Ethernet, especially suitable for industrial control such as serial port or network port PLC, touch screen, etc. Device wireless uploading, monitoring and device networking.

BCNet-WiFi Functions

  1. Installed on a 35mm guide rail, with an external antenna installed, and an external DC24V power supply.
  2. The device program can be downloaded, monitored and data collected through WiFi and Ethernet.
  3. Integrated WEB server, device parameters can be configured through web pages or search tools.
  4. Support virtual serial communication, support programming software, configuration software and OPC server quick access.
  5. Supports three serial forms of RS232/RS485/RS422.
  6. Support bidirectional transparent transmission between serial port/network port and WiFi/Ethernet.
  7. Support STA mode, support WiFi connection between modules.
  8. Support firmware update on the user side through Ethernet, one purchase, permanent upgrade.



Product numberBCNet-WiFi
DescribeSerial port/network port transparent transmission server
ColorMetallic Black
Status DisplayPwr,Com,Link,WiFi
Ethernet interface
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
IEEE 802.3 compatible, Link/Active indicator, line sequence adaptive, support Auto-MDIX
RJ45 female socket
COM port
Interface Type
Transmission rate
RS232, RS485, RS422
DB9 communication male port, terminal block
9.6K, 19.2K, 38.4K, 57.6K, 115.2K, 230.4K, 460.8K, 921.6K
WiFi interface
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/e/i @2.4G~2.5G
External high gain antenna
Diagnostics and Parameter settingIE browser, default,BCDevice
Power supply
Voltage type
External 24VDC
Operating temperature0~60℃
Working humidity90% non-condensing
Electromagnetic Compatibility2014/30/EU
CertificationCE Certification
Dimensions (LWH)115*27*75mm

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