Siemens SMART LINE touch screen Ethernet connection Panasonic PLC

Application requirements Siemens SMART LINE touch screen is connected to Panasonic PLC through serial port. The communication speed is too slow. When the amount of data is large, the delay of screen switching and data update is too large. This article provides Siemens SMART LINE touch screen to quickly connect Panasonic PLC solution via Ethernet. … Read more

Omron PLC connects WINCC Ethernet Communication

The BCNet module integrates the ModbusTCP communication server, which realizes the direct correspondence between the Modbus protocol address and the memory address of the Omron PLC. The realized function numbers include: FC1, FC2, FC3, FC5, FC6, FC15 and FC16. (Take Siemens WINCC software and Omron CP1H series PLC as examples, communication module BCNet-CP)

Omron CP/CJ Ethernet Communication

Through the PLC bus protocol analysis function of BCNet-CP/CJ-S, the current Omron PLC data flow can be analyzed, and the current reading behavior and writing behavior of the touch screen can be detected. Combined with the panel information of the touch screen, the PLC can be obtained. Important point table information.