Profinet Remote IO Module Selection

Siemens PLC’s Profinet substation/slave module, which integrates Modbus RTU and Profinet protocol interchange gateway, supports Siemens 200smart, 300, 1200, 1500, and other PLCs Request a quote Protocol Profinet, Modbus TCP Network Port 3 *100M ports, switch function 485 Gateway 2 channels, support 485 to PROFINET function Terminal Quick connect terminal Digital Input PNP/NPN auto-adaptation Digital … Read more

RVNetS7 driver-free in Portal

RVNetS7 is a network adapter for communication between various automation devices. If you want to use RVNetS7 driver-free in Portal Software New project 2. Double-click “Add New Device” 3. Select “Controller”, select “SIMATIC S7 300”-“CPU” in the drop-down list, select the model you actually connect to the PLC, and click “OK”. 4. Double-click the “MPI … Read more

RVNet driver-free in STEP7

To use the RVNet module without a driver in STEP 7 software, you will need to follow these general steps: Set PG/PC interface On the web page, go to the “S7 bus interface parameters” page of RVNet-S7300 set the “STEP7 programming PLC address” parameter (default is 2), and click the “OK” button after modification. Open … Read more