op320-a display
  • OP320-A is a small man-machine interface, mainly used with various kinds of PLC (or intelligent controller with communication port).
  • Communication protocol and screen data are downloaded to the display without PLC writing communication program. It has password protection, has alarm list function, line by line real-time display current alarm information. With background light STN liquid crystal display, 24 English characters x 4 lines, that is, 12 Chinese characters x 4 lines.
  • Make pictures on the computer by editing software TP200CN, input Chinese characters freely and set PLC address, use serial communication to download the screen.
  • Monitor and modify the values and state of the internal registers or relays of the PLC in the form of text or indicator light so that the operator can control the equipment freely

OP320-A Download

OP320-A software

OP320 Cable Wiring Diagram

op320 wiring diagram
op320 communication port and pin definition

OP320-A Communication Port Settings

op320 software setting

OP320-A Support connected PLC models

PLC models supported by op320-a
PLC models supported by op320-a

OP320-A supports communication parameters and baud rate

op320-a communication parameter
op320-a baud rate

Software and Manual

OP320 Software OP20v6.5y || OP320 Software OP20v8.0q  || OP & PLC connection manual || OP series – User’s manual  || OP20 software manual  || Example

OP320-A Modbs RS485 wiring

8—-b     9—-a

OP320-A video