HF020 Motor Controller

Features: 1. Automatic and manual functions2. Speed can be adjusted3. Forward and reverse4. There is a delay function5. It can run cyclically6. Acceleration and deceleration settings7. Electronic gear ratio setting Check On LOLLETTE This is an operation control module specifically for stepping/servo motors. The module has no programmable function, but has a variety of fixed operating modes built-in, and users can quickly select a suitable motion track. You can save and set the distance/speed/delay/cycle times when power off. It can run independently as a module, or cooperate with other systems as a third-party module to make up for the lack of motor output shaft.


PLC programming module wireless WIFI wireless transmission cross-regional programming Check Price 1: Connect Power Connect a 220V power adapter or 24V DC power supply (only one of them can be selected, cannot be input at the same time, otherwise it will burn) 2: Receive the wifi signal transmitted by the module Wifi name: wifi ETH-RS232WIFI … Read more

Leadshine DM542 vs DM556

Leadshine 2-phase Digital Stepper Motor Driver Leadshine has been an industry leading motion control supplier since 1997, and is one of the largest stepper drive manufacturers in the world. Leadshine steppers offer high quality products (Leadshine factories are ISO9001 certified) at very affordable prices. Leadshine steppers are simple, easy to use, long-lasting, and reliable. AutomationDirect … Read more