How To Connect To S7 200 Via Ethernet

If the S7-200 or the economical S7-200SMART (no network port, only PPI) can use ETH-PPI to convert the PPI port to Ethernet for programming (can replace the programming cable) Directly connect WinCC with a network cable, save PC ACCESS, high stability, break through the limit of 8 smart200s connected to WinCC, and can reach more … Read more

siemens mpi cable

Siemens mpi cable is used for Siemens S7 200/300/400 PLC Cable 6ES7 972-0CB20-0XA0 Support the Siemens S7-200 / 300/400 PLC communications. The signal partially isolated by high-speed optical coupling.  Support for MPI and DP multi-master communication, support Siemens touch screen. Support 840D CNC system programming.  The installation of Siemens original driver, without generating serial, USB … Read more

MPI DP PPI Ethernet Connector Module

ETH-MPI/DP ETH-MPI/DP is an Ethernet converter for the S7-300 series, easy to use, completely transparent to the user, without adding any program in the host computer and PLC, and can be used immediately after installation. It converts MPI / DP protocol to TCP / IP protocol, so that it can realize long-distance, high-speed (up to a maximum of … Read more

ETH-iBUS Ethernet Converter

The CP243-iBUS is a popular Siemens S7-200 PLC with an Ethernet converter, which allows for high-speed communication with a host computer. It is designed to be easy to use and does not require any additional programs or drivers to be installed on either the host computer or the PLC. One of the key advantages of … Read more

ETH-PPi Ethernet Converter

ETH-PPI=CP243i+wincc Direct connection function (ie no PC ACCESS). It enables you to connect to the S7-200 with the driver [TCP/IP(auto)] that comes with WinCC. It is simple and convenient to use in engineering applications.Reduces communication instability caused by the use of OPC [PC ACCESS]! I, Q, M, DB1 (remember to be DB1) in WinCC correspond … Read more