HJ2000 Series Hardware Manual

HJ2000 Series Hardware Manual V1.1 Hardware parameters RS485 Parameters Port 1 Baud rate 400K Data bits 8 Bits Stop bit 1 Bits Check None Buffer 4MBytes Interface Terminal(LTX-LRX) Digital input Number of channels Determined by model Input type Optical isolation PNP/NPN Rated voltage 24V Access method Single line Response time 1 ms Protect Overcurrent and … Read more

Temperature Module Wiring

The temperature acquisition signal is a weak signal of millivolt level, it is recommended to connect directly to the terminal of the module Two-wire wiring (independent temperature input) Two-wire wiring method (analog and temperature mixed type) Three-wire (PT100/PT1000) wiring In some specific occasions, it is necessary to transfer the wiring through the terminal block, and … Read more


BCNet-FP-S is used for Ethernet data acquisition of Panasonic FP-XH, FP-X, FP-X0, FP0, FP0R, FP2SH series PLC, which is very convenient to build a production management system. The module integrates the WiFi function, supports AP mode, STA mode and AP+STA mode, which is very convenient to build a WiFi network, and perform PLC programming and … Read more


General parameters Installation mode DIN 35 guide rail or screw fixed Operating temperature 0 °C ~ 50 °C Storage temperature 20 °C ~ 60 °C Operating humidity 10% RH ~ 90% RH (no condensation) Air requirements Non-corrosive, no dust Operating Voltage DC24V ±10% Working Current < 1A Programming software Gx-developer/gx-works 2 Maximum procedural steps 32,000 … Read more