Power Supply DC24V
PC programming software: compatible with Mitsubishi FXGP-WIN-C or GX Developer
The machine adopts imported high-performance industrial grade chip design can be adapted to industrial environments with high electromagnetic interference
High-speed operation, the basic instructions for each step 0.08
communication interface RS422, RS485
There is expansion interface, you can easily connect the analog inputs and outputs, I / O expansion modules, etc.
program space is 8,000 steps.
internal relay 1536 points
State Relays 1000
Timer 256 points
Counter 256 points
Data register 1000 points
EEPROM data memory power-down
programming language using ladder
The cyclic scanning mode
Built 24V/500mA DC power supply for external devices, such as proximity sensors and other components
Easy to install using the fixing holes, the installation hole size: length × width 155.5 × 92mm
Does not support pulse relay M8002 and M8003, please use theM8000 LDP alternative

EX2N PLC Manual

GX-Develoer 8.5


The new product, the warranty period of one year
Analog Input: 2 Channel 0-10V, resolution 10V/1096
Analog output: 2 channels 0-10V, resolution 10V/10000
Relay output capacity: 3A/250VAC
TerminalType: Detachable
Communication interface: a programming port RS232
Real-time clock:support
Setting display: can digital, buttons display setting PLC internal register (rather text and PLC machine).
Command functions: support instruction Mitsubishi FX1S series PLC Versions of the software: FX programming software
The machine display, settings, control in a large number of used air compressors, freight elevators, water supply, solar energy, woodworking machinery, insulating glass machinery, plastic cutting machines, printing machines ………
Power supply: 24VDC/500mA or 21VAC/500mA


How to use GX1S Y16 Y17

First use SW0PC-FXGP/WIN-C

New file selection “FX1N”

Then select the option after programming. Change the PLC type to FX1S . Select FX1S and download it.

GX1S PLC Manual

GX-Develoer 8.5
GX1S Analog
Connect OP320


1, support all Mitsubishi plc the PC programming software, using 24V power supply, high-voltage and low-voltage protection circuit to prevent accidents. Power RS485 communication port lightning protection design.
2, download port: RS232 or Xinje Delta communication lines, or the connection interface interpersonal communications and other functions;
3, communication port: RS485 communication port supports direct connection of interpersonal Mitsubishi protocol or MODBUS communication protocol to connect acquisition. Automatic identification of customers plc communication protocols, without software conversion. modbus slave address table view product specifications.
4, MODBUS master: the plc Mitsubishi original optimized communication functions [RS]. Customers only need to enter the modbus function code and the number of read data, you can automatically complete the modbus master data exchange. To facilitate customers.
5, high-speed counters: X0 ~ X7 of seven counters of 8 channels, up to 50K, support AB count, max 20K, while supporting four channels;
6, support for all Mitsubishi interrupt instruction, and high-speed counter interrupt instruction, AB count interrupt instruction;
7, high-speed pulse output Y0 Y1, supports frequency 50Khz, support acceleration and deceleration pulse and PWM pulse, the pulse count capture interrupt functions
8, the other functions in accordance with the original Mitsubishi FX1S instruction table uses; Product Resources 1, auxiliary relay 512 MO-M511 2, special auxiliary relay 256 M8000 – M8255 3, data registers D0-D255 256 4, special data registers 256 D8000 – D8255 5, timer 64 points T0-T63 6, counter 16 add mode 32 points C0-C31 7,32-bit high-speed bidirectional counters 6:00 C235-C255

Test video and plc program example

CAR-6ADPLC networking experimental test 485 modbus
modbus 485 test example 
PID test

EX1S PLC Manual

GX-Develoer 8.5


  • Support Mitsubishi GX-Develoer
  • Support for human-machine interface connection, the application is completely equivalent to Mitsubishi FX2N
  • Support ladder programming, download, monitoring. 
  • The programming port used for program download and communication with the human machine 
  • This PLC adopts an industrial-grade 32-bit MCU with strong anti-interference, and its running speed far exceeds that of FX2N. (note: it only serial RS232 ports, no RS485 interface)

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Plc Program Example

Hardware test program / PLC Routine

High-speed counter C235 test routines
PLSY control stepper motor reversing
deceleration PLSY
mov rol write the light water
add instruction water lights
RS instruction usage
high-speed counter C235
mov to write the light water
counter value in binary output
add instruction light water
multi-speed test program
PLSR instruction usage
traffic lights control
contact write light water
the easiest step instructions
PWM instruction
3 road motor speed of the PLC routines
cumulative timer
Timer write about light water
PLSY control stepper motor
16 bit counter
mov rol write the light water
CMP test program
register D retentive test program
32 bit counter
D0 retentive
relay M retentive test program
write-bin binary
SFTL instruction usage

CF2N PLC Manual

GX-Develoer 8.5
GX Developer install
GX Developer Version8 Operating Manual
serial debugging tools
Ethernet module cross-region connection test


PLC using industrial grade anti-jamming strong 32 bit MCU, and the running speed is far beyond the original FX1N, X0~X5 high speed input the highest 12K, 1 AB, support SFC, support for monitoring (write) mode, support all kinds of text screen, touch screen, memory clear, support special encryption support (as long as the keyword input 1234) 

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Test video and plc program example



High speed pulse:

M8155 Y2 pulse output stops
M8156 Y3 pulse output stops
M8157 Y2 pulse output monitoring
M8158 Y3 pulse output monitoring

D8150 D8151 Y2 pulse output accumulated value (32-bit register)
D8152 D8153 Y3 pulse output accumulated value (32-bit register)

LE1N PLC Manual