FX3U-56MT56MR 6-axis 100K

Programming Instructions Write language programs in ladder language, compatible with original GX-Developer, GX-WORK2 software Support human-machine interface connection, which is completely equivalent to the original FX3U in application Support ladder diagram programming, download and monitoring; The programming port is the port for downloading the program and communicating with the man-machine interface; This PLC adopts industrial-grade … Read more

S7-200 PLC

Check More Model S7-14MR S7-14MT S7-20MR S7-20MT S7-30MR S7-32MT S7-40MR S7-40MT points 8 input 6 relay output 8 input 6 transistor output 12 input 8 relay output 12 input 8 transistor output 16 input 14 relay output 16 input 16 transistor output 24 input 16 relay output 24 input 16 transistor output communication port 2 … Read more


24 inputs and 16 relay/transistor outputsWithout Ethernet port2*RS-485 standard PPI communication portMaximum expansion of 7 modulesSize: 180*98*36mm 24 inputs and 16 outputs relay/transistor output1*Ethernet port 2*RS-485 standard PPI communication portMaximum expansion of 7 modulesSize: 180*98*36mm Comes with perpetual calendar function, self-maintaining for 2 years after power failure.10/100M network communication interface, support MODBUSTCP, S7 protocolPPI communication … Read more


LE-CPU228 IO input: 16 points bidirectional inputIO output: 14 points relay outputAnalog input: 4 channels 0-10V and 0-20mAAnalog output: 2 channels 0-10V and 0-20mACommunication port: 3-way PPI interfaceProduct Type: Rail plate typeSupply voltage: DC 24V Check Price Software compatibility: fully compatible with Siemens programming software V4.0 STEP Analog quantity accuracy: After the optimization of the … Read more


LE-CPU223XP Product Name: Programmable ControllerProduct model: CPU223XPDigital: 10 inputs/10 outputsAnalog: 2 inputs/2 outputsSupply voltage: DC24VCommunication interface: 2-channel PPI interface (support Modbus communication, free port communication)Expansion module: up to 7Remarks: Analog input supports voltage and current Check Price Good compatibility: Fully compatible with S7 programming software and instruction set. Abundant resources: 10 digital inputs; 10 digital … Read more