Lollette is china plc brands, cf2n is one of our china plc controller series,our cf2n plc support Mitsubishi fx2n plc,also use Mitsubishi software Gx-develop 8.5

  • Support Mitsubishi GX-Develoer
  • Support for human-machine interface connection, the application is completely equivalent to Mitsubishi FX2N
  • Support ladder programming, download, monitoring. 
  • The programming port used for program download and communication with the human machine 
  • This PLC adopts an industrial-grade 32-bit MCU with strong anti-interference, and its running speed far exceeds that of FX2N. (note: it only serial RS232 ports, no RS485 interface)

Plc Program Example

Hardware test program / PLC Routine

High-speed counter C235 test routines
PLSY control stepper motor reversing
deceleration PLSY
mov rol write the light water
add instruction water lights
RS instruction usage
high-speed counter C235
mov to write the light water
counter value in binary output
add instruction light water
multi-speed test program
PLSR instruction usage
traffic lights control
contact write light water
the easiest step instructions
PWM instruction
3 road motor speed of the PLC routines
cumulative timer
Timer write about light water
PLSY control stepper motor
16 bit counter
mov rol write the light water
CMP test program
register D retentive test program
32 bit counter
D0 retentive
relay M retentive test program
write-bin binary
SFTL instruction usage

CF2N PLC Manual

GX-Develoer 8.5
GX Developer install
Upload and Download Video
GX Developer Version8 Operating Manual
serial debugging tools
Ethernet module cross-region connection test

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