CPU224XP Ethernet

  • Analog 2 channel input/1 channel output
  • DC24V 1A
  • 2 channel PPI port(support Modbus)
  • Up to 7 modules can be connected
  • 1-channel Ethernet port
  • The software supports all instructions in Siemens v4.0 Step 7

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The CPU224XP-ETH plc has a powerful communication function, It provides 5 SOCKETs, which can be connected to 5 terminal devices at the same time. Moreover, you can program and download programs through the network.

If you know Siemens plc very well before, then you can easily. Because it supports Siemens s7 network protocol, you can use Siemens v4.0 Step7 software.

In engineering projects, you are often troubled by the speed of communication. This plc can be said to be perfect, its transmission speed can reach 100M, allowing you to experience high-speed transmission.

It also integrates 2 PPI communication ports, and the supported communication baud rate is 187.5K. It is the same as Siemens.

Then you want to buy a plc with powerful functions and a reasonable price, this plc should be a good choice


  • Support Ethernet programming
  • Transmission speed 100M
  • Support Siemens protocol
  • cheap price


  • A transparent shell, after a long time, will be covered with dust.


STEP7 MicroWIN V4.0 SP9

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