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DOPSoft is a HMI HMI software for DOP-B, HMC, DOP-W, DOP-H series. The general configuration software supports a wide variety of devices, such as various PLCs, PC boards, meters, inverters, modules and other devices, and because of the powerful performance of the PC hardware platform (mainly reacted to in speed and storage capacity), the functions of the general configuration software are also much stronger and suitable for use in large monitoring systems.

Free Download Delta Dopsoft Software DPS V4.00.11.18 (Aug 2021)

Software Description

HMI products, often referred to as “touch screen”, include HMI hardware and the corresponding special screen configuration software, in general, different manufacturers of HMI hardware use different screen configuration software, the main type of equipment connected to the PLC.
Configuration software is a general tool software product running on PC hardware platform and windows operating system, and PC or industrial control machine together can also form HMI products.

How to use

1、Double click to open the icon
2、Click “File” in the menu bar, click “New (N)” and this dialog box will appear.
3、Select the PLC of FX2N series
4、After clicking Finish, you can see the following interface
5、Create an alternate button control
6、Control Properties dialog box, the contents of this dialog box are the same as the contents of the property sheet window, both of them can change the properties.
7、Enter the dialog box
8、Properties dialog box
9、Change screen button
10、Change Screen Properties dialog box

Common problems

Touch screen is not allowed
[Fault phenomenon]
A surface acoustic wave touch screen, touch the part of the monitor screen with a finger can not normally complete the corresponding operation.
[Failure analysis and processing]
This phenomenon may be sonic touch screen in use for a period of time, the screen around the reflective stripes covered with dust, a dry soft cloth can be wiped, and then power off, restart the computer and recalibrate. There may also be a sonic screen reflective stripe is slightly damaged, if encountered in this case will not be able to completely repair.
If it is a capacitive touch screen in the following cases can run the screen calibration program: (Start – Programs – MicrotouchTouchware)
1)The first time you complete the installation of the driver software.
2)Every time after changing the resolution or display mode of the monitor.
3)Every time after changing the display area of the display.
4)Every time after adjusting the frequency of the controller.
5)Every time the cursor and touch point cannot correspond.
After calibration, the calibrated data is stored in the register of the controller, so there is no need to calibrate the screen after each system start.

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