dop-107bv manual pdf

DOP-107BV Delta 7 inch 800Hz HMI Touch Screen Panel 1 USB Host 2COM

DOP-107BV upgrade from DOP -B07S411 ,DOP-B07SS411 ,B07S410

  • New high-brightness, high contrast display LCD with a colorful interface
  • The panel design is not only beautiful, but also compatible with the opening size of the old DOP-B series
  • Significantly improved hardware performance for a smoother experience
  • Built-in power isolation circuit for unexpected external surge interference, providing the most complete protection
  • All series of motherboards are coated with coating protection to improve moisture and dust protection and enhance the resistance of products to different application environments.

The DOP-100 series has a variety of functions to quickly increase the efficiency and value of the machine, helping you achieve the goal of industrial upgrading.According to the different needs of your work, we can provide you with more suitable products.

dop-107bv manual pdf

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