Power Supply DC24V
PC programming software: compatible with Mitsubishi FXGP-WIN-C or GX Developer
The machine adopts imported high-performance industrial grade chip design can be adapted to industrial environments with high electromagnetic interference
High-speed operation, the basic instructions for each step 0.08
communication interface RS422, RS485
There is expansion interface, you can easily connect the analog inputs and outputs, I / O expansion modules, etc.
program space is 8,000 steps.
internal relay 1536 points
State Relays 1000
Timer 256 points
Counter 256 points
Data register 1000 points
EEPROM data memory power-down
programming language using ladder
The cyclic scanning mode
Built 24V/500mA DC power supply for external devices, such as proximity sensors and other components
Easy to install using the fixing holes, the installation hole size: length × width 155.5 × 92mm
Does not support pulse relay M8002 and M8003, please use theM8000 LDP alternative

EX2N PLC Manual

GX-Develoer 8.5

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