ETH-iBUS Ethernet Converter

The CP243-iBUS is a popular Siemens S7-200 PLC with an Ethernet converter, which allows for high-speed communication with a host computer. It is designed to be easy to use and does not require any additional programs or drivers to be installed on either the host computer or the PLC.

One of the key advantages of the CP243-iBUS is its high speed, which is faster than the USB-PPI cable commonly used for S7-200 programming. Additionally, the CP243-iBUS can be used for remote communications over the internet, making it a versatile option for programming and monitoring PLCs.

The CP243-iBUS also supports a variety of host software, including Step7, Wincc, and Intouch, making it a flexible solution for different applications. Its appearance is similar to the Siemens Module 200 and can be mounted on a rail or with screws.

Overall, the CP243-iBUS is a reliable and efficient solution for programming Siemens S7-200 PLCs, offering high-speed communication, ease of use, and remote capabilities. It can replace other cables such as the Siemens PPI RS232 cable, USB-PPI, and CP243-1.

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1. ETH-iBUS is a convenient product that can be used without any work in the S7-200PLC.

2. ETH-iBUS can be directly connected to WinCC [selected driver is TCP/IP (auto) – Siemens comes with] without using PC ACCESS [OPC mode], high communication reliability

3. Q, I, M, DB1 in WinCC (remember: DB1) corresponds to Q, I, M, V in the S7-200 PLC.

4. ETH-iBUS can also be directly connected to MicorWin 4.0 to program the S7-200 PLC, download the program, and debug online.

5. ETH-iBUS requires an external 24V power supply.

6. There are 2 TCP/IP channels (Note: Only two upper computers can be serviced. WinCC and MicroWin 4.0 can be run simultaneously in the same upper computer; in theory, up to six upper computers can be connected, but we have not yet tested this situation)

7. Configuration plan:

a. Line type: that is, a PLC (s7-200) and a host computer (computer), directly connected by a crossover cable (RJ45 network cable). (Note: NICs with cross-function can also be used with direct connection)

b. Star type: that is, multiple PLCs (S7-200) and one (up to) upper computer (computer), which need to be connected to the network switch, connect the switch to each device with direct connection (RJ45 network cable)

8.ETH-iBUS parameter setting:

    a.ETH-iBUS communication converter IP: Its segment address must be the same as the connected computer, that is, the first three items are the same, and the fourth item is different.

Example: Computer IP (, mask (, gateway (, converter IP (

Note: IP is unique in the same network and cannot be the same. The computer also sets the corresponding IP address, mask, and gateway (in the same segment as the converter)

Once the IP address of the ETH-iBUS converter is set, as long as the IP address, mask and gateway of the computer are in the same segment (ie the same as the first three items, the fourth item is different), type directly in the browser of the computer. The IP address of the ETH-iBUS communication converter and the ETH-iBUS converter do not communicate with other software of the host computer at this time, it will enter the main menu of the ETH-iBUS converter.

    b.ETH-iBUS Communication Converter MAC: A total of six items, filled in with hexadecimal numbers (Hex:0..9, A, B, C, D, E, F)

The first item is 0 (the converter will change it to 0 even if you fill in other values), and the other 5 items can be filled in as you like, and cannot be the same as other MACs in the network.

Note: The MAC is unique in the same network and cannot be the same. The minimum interval between two adjacent MAC addresses is 1, for example, 00.12.FF.FF.01 and 00.12.ff.03 The interval is 1, not continuous!

After submitting the parameter settings, if you want to enter the main menu again, it is best to type c> arp -d (remove the reserved IP/MAC table in the computer) in the cmd window, so that the ETH-iBUS converter can change the IP/MAC and the old one. Address no conflict

Set the IP address of ETH-IBUS using the PC tool ETH_iBUS_SET.exe

9. Settings of the application software in the computer:

(1) For MicroWin 4.0 just open –> Communication –> Set PC / PG Interface –> TCP / IP (auto); Communication –> Type the remote IP address: Example Enter (don’t forget Hit the Enter key); everything is OK.

(2) For WinCC, the driver selects TCP/IP(auto)–the driver that with WinCC, and the address is filled in

(3) For Kingview v6.53 or later, the driver selects S7-200 series –> TCP, address is filled in

(4) For PC_Access, the IP address is filled in, but the TSAP local and remote parameters do not need to be filled out!

MicroWin connection settings

2. Select [TCP/IP(Auto)->XXXX (Network Card Name)] in the figure below, and then press [OK].

3. Double-click [Communication] in the figure below:

4. Fill in in [Remote:] in the figure below, then directly press the Enter key [Remember]. 

Once MicroWin is set up, you can now program the Siemens S7-200 with MicroWin! 

WINCC connection settings

1. Open Wincc and select the driver, see the following figure: WinCC driver TCP/IP – [mouse right] – system parameters – unit – TCP / IP (Auto)

  2. WinCC driver TCP/IP – [mouse right] – new driver connection – attribute – IP address filled in [192 .168 . 1 . 10]

Examples of definitions of S7-200 and WinCC tags:

I, Q, M, DB1 in WinCC (remember to be DB1) correspond to I, Q, M, V in s7-200 S7-200 WinCC

V3.0 binary variable DB1.D3.0

V3.1 binary variable DB1.D3.1


V3.7 binary variable DB1.D3.7

VB60 No (with) symbol 8 digits DB1.DBB60 VW61 No (with) symbol 16 digits DB1.DW61 VD63 No (with) symbol 32 digits DB1.DD63 VD67 32-bit floating point number IEEE 754 DB1.DD67 M10.3 binary Variable M10.3

Q0.5 binary variable A0.5

QW3 No (Yes) Symbol 16 Digits AW3 I0.2 Binary Variable E0.2

IB6 no (with) symbol 8 digits EB6

How to modify the module’s IP address and MAC

1, With the win 7 system, do not modify with the XP system

2, Turn off WI-FI (disable the wireless function in the network sharing center)

3, The module is directly connected to the computer with a network cable

4. Set the IP address (IPV4) of the computer (wired network card) to:


Subnet mask:


5, Open the setup software and enter the IP address or MAC address you want

Click to download the parameters to ETH-IBUS.

ETH-IBUS setting

Modify the MAC considerations

Note: IP is unique in the same network and cannot be the same. The computer should also set the corresponding IP address, subnet mask, and gateway (in the same segment as the converter)

Note: The MAC is unique in the same network and cannot be the same. (The interval between the MAC of the first block and the MAC of the second block is at least one byte or more)

For example, the last two hexadecimal digits of the first module MAC address is A3, and the last two digits of the second block are set to be at least one byte larger than the first block.

The solution is that the port cannot be opened

When running the Siemens industrial control software, the solution “The port is occupied or another program is opened” appears.

SIMATIC IEPG Help Service This file is disabled


1. Right-click on the computer, left-click on Administration -> Services and Applications -> Services -> then activate “SIMATIC IEPG Help Service”;

(or click on the left mouse button -> Run -> services.msc to activate “SIMATIC IEPG Help Service”)

If it is not activated, it is blocked by the anti-virus software. Add the s7oiehsx.exe file to the “Antivirus Software” executable file trust table, re-run the “SIMATIC IEPG Help Service”, and finally restart the computer and restart STEP 7.

2. Right-click on the computer and left-click -> Manage -> Services and Applications -> Services -> then activate “SIMATIC S7DOS Help Service” to start the service.

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