ETH-PPi Ethernet Converter

6GK7 243-1EX01-0XE0

Ethernet to PPI module = CP243i+wincc direct connection function (ie PC ACCESS is not used). It allows you to connect to the S7-200 with the driver [TCP/IP(auto)] that comes with WinCC. It is simple, convenient, and practical to make the engineering application complex. Reduces communication instability caused by the use of OPC (ie PC ACCESS)! I, Q, M, DB1 (remember to be DB1) in WinCC correspond to I, Q, M, V in s7-200 It is very simple to use and can be used immediately after filling in the IP address. At the same time, the S7-200 programming software MicroWin 4.0 can also work. The s7-200 can be uploaded and downloaded through ETH-PPI, online debugging, and monitoring. The function is quite powerful. Siemens can’t do it at the same time! In addition, Siemens Prodave 6.0 It is not possible to connect to the S7-200, but with the ETH-PPI converter, the S7-300 TCP protocol is completely feasible! This is the best way to solve problems for customers who like programming, especially in data acquisition projects. !

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Scenes to be used:

1, connect wincc does not need to use OPC, you can directly connect, enhance communication stability.
2. You can use Siemens Prodave 6.0 and VB to develop your own S7-200 with upper software.

MicroWin connection settings

PinFunction Description
2Module power supply –
3485 communication A
5485 communication
7Module power supply +
8485 communication B


Indicator function description
Long light – the module is in search PLC status
Connected to the PLC successfully – the indicator flashes 1 second in 1 second
In PPI communication – indicating fast
1 second flash 3 times – PPI communication is abnormal (PPI line is not connected / PLC is not started)
1 second flash 4 times – TCP exception

Web page settings and queries

Using Google Chrome, enter the IP address (Note: the local computer must be set to the same network segment) Open the web page to enter the function list, and then enter the login password (Note: The default login password is 123456).

Query system host parameters

Click the system parameter in the menu bar on the left to query the current MAC address and IP information of the host.

Query/Set System PPI Communication Parameters

You can configure the current IP address and subnet of the host by clicking Parameter Configuration in the menu bar on the left.

Mask, gateway;

Information such as the PLC station number of the PP1 communication, the module station number, and the baud rate of the communication selection.

Change Password

Click the parameter configuration in the menu bar on the left to modify the login password. After the password is forgotten, you can use the debugging tool to restore the factory settings through the RS232 port of the module.

Automatic synchronization baud rate

Automatically synchronize the baud rate of the device at power-on. After the device is powered on, the baud rate is automatically synchronized. After successful, the indicator flashes once every 1 second.

Web page automatically synchronizes device end baud rate

Using Google Chrome, enter the IP address (Note: This computer must be set

Set to the same network segment) Open the web page to enter the function list, as shown in the figure:

Hardware connection method:

Line style:

That is, a PLC (s7-200 and a host computer (computer), directly use the cross line (RJ45 network cable)


Star mode:

That is, one PLC (s7-200) and two upper computers (computers) or multiple PLCs (S7-200) and one upper computer (computer) or multiple PLCs (s7-200) and two upper computers (computers ), an Ethernet switch is required in the middle, and the switch is connected to each device by a direct connection (RJ45 network cable).


Use a good network cable communication distance of up to 100 meters, too long distance will add a pair of fiber optic transceivers and fiber optic cable, the distance can reach up to 4 kilometers, within 200 meters can add a switch in the middle, play a relay role .

PC settings:

Go to the computer’s “network connection”

Go to “Local Area Connection Properties” and select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP4)”, and then

Select “Properties” and click “OK”;

Setting IP

(1) Select “Use the following IP” and mark the red part;

(2) Then set the IP to 192.168.1.XXX (XXX indicates the value set by the user,

(3) It is preferably a value between 10 and 254)

(4) Finally, set the subnet mask and gateway to the same value as the picture.

(5) Click “OK”.

MicroWin connection settings

1. Open MicroWin and double-click [Set PG/PC Interface]

2. Select [TCP/IP(Auto)->XXXX (Network Card Name)] in the figure below, and then press [OK].

3. Double-click [Communication] in the figure below:

4. Fill in in [Remote:], then hit the Enter key directly [Remember].

Once MicroWin is set up, you can now program the Siemens S7-200 with MicroWin!

WINCC connection settings

ETH-PPI=CP243i+wincc Direct connection function [ie PC ACCESS is not used]. It enables you to connect to the S7-200 with the WinCC’s own driver [TCP/IP(auto)], making it simple, convenient and practical in engineering applications. Reduced communication instability caused by the use of OPC [PC ACCESS]!

1.Open wincc and select the driver, see the following figure: WinCC driver TCP/IP – [mouse right] – system parameters – unit – TCP / IP (Auto)

2.WinCC driver TCP/IP – [mouse right button] – connection of new driver – attribute – IP address is filled in [192 .168 . 1 . 10].

Examples of definitions of S7-200 and WinCC tags:

I, Q, M, DB1 in WinCC (remember to be DB1) correspond to I, Q, M, V in s7-200 S7-200 WinCC

V3.0 binary variable DB1.D3.0 V3.1 binary variable DB1.D3.1


V3.7 binary variable DB1.D3.7

VB60 No (with) symbol 8 digits DB1.DBB60 VW61 No (with) symbol 16 digits DB1.DW61 VD63 No (with) symbol 32 digits DB1.DD63 VD67 32-bit floating point number IEEE 754 DB1.DD67 M10.3 binary Variable M10.3

Q0.5 binary variable A0.5

QW3 No (Yes) Symbol 16 Digits AW3

I0.2 binary variable E0.2

IB6 no (with) symbol 8 digits EB6

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