Ethernet Relay Board

Ethernet Relay Network Wifi Switch Modbus MQTT TCP UDP Web HTTP Schedule Task CAN RS485 CoAP Domoticz Timer Module

Size(Relay Board)87*68mm91.6*86.4mm122*87mm250*107mm370*107mm
Size(DIN35 Case)90*90*40mm115*90*40mm145*90*40mm252*123*43mm373*123*43mm
Power Adapter12VDC/1.5A12VDC/1.5A12VDC/1.5A12VDC/2A12VDC/3A
Power Consumption2W3W5W9W16W
Quantity Relays2DO4DO8DO16DO32DO
Quantity Digital Input2DI4DI8DI16DI32DI2DI
Quantity Wiegand1(optional)1(optional)011
InterfaceRJ45, WiFi, RS485, CAN, Wiegand(optional)
Power Supply12V/24VDC, 5V/24VAC
Working Temperature-20~75℃
Storage Temperature-40~80℃
Home AutomationDomoticz, Home Assistant, openHAB, Red-Node
FunctionIP Watchdog, Task, NTP Client, Input mutual control, OTA Upgrade
Ethernet IP192.168.1.100
Web User/PWDadmin/admin
WiFi AP IP192.168.7.1
WiFi AP SSID/PWDdtrelaySN/dtpassword
WiFi STA IP192.168.1.97

Default ethernet IP:
Default WIFI AP IP:
Default WIFI STA IP:

WIFI SSID: dtrelaySN
WIFI Password: dtpassword

Reset the relay board
1.Power off the relay 2.Close the 2pins on the relay board 3.Power on

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Ethernet Relay Module MQTT Modbus Wifi CAN RS485 TCP Digital Input Web Access Control Board CoAP


programing manual_en.pdfrelay programing manual
user_manual_en.pdfrelay user manual
cgitest_v2_2.exeHTTP CGI api test tool
ipfinder_v2_2.exerelay ip finder tool,use to find IP when you forget
net_testsample ethernet wifi test relay
rs485_testrs485 test relay
relay.shlinux/unix shell test relay
linux_find_relay_ip.txthow to find IP at linux/unix system
cgitest_v1_2.exerelay board CGI API test tool
Domoticz_pluginsDomoticz plugins
MQTTMQTT tools and doc
modbus_test_example.txtmodbus-rtu/ascii/tcp example
relay_spark_killer.pngspark killer
Demo_codeDemo code
powershell_example.txtPowerShell ON/OFF relay example code(thanks Daniel Ivanchuk)

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