1. How to restore the factory default of BCNet?

A: The design of BCNet (with the exception of BCNet-S7PPI/MPI) includes a reset button through which the factory settings can be restored. Methods as below:

(1) BCNet-S7200/300/S7200 Plus/S7300 Plus/CP/CJ/CX and other in-line modules, when the module is powered on, press and hold the metal button on the left side of the module for about 5 seconds. Power on;

(2) BCNet-FX/Q/FP/DVP/MB/VB/KV/XJ and other rail-type modules, when the module is powered on, press and hold the Rst button on the front panel of the module for about 5 seconds, and then power on again after the reset. Can.

  1. The serial port extended by BCNet is connected to the touch screen, and the touch screen data may be refreshed slowly. How to solve this problem?

A: The communication rate of BCNet is adaptive, and the baud rate of the PLC programming port determines the communication rate of BCNet. If the baud rate of the PLC programming port is low (such as 9.6Kbps), and the data communication volume between the touch screen and the PLC is large, there may be a situation that the touch screen data refreshes slowly. The baud rate of the PLC programming port can be set to 187.5K (Siemens) or 115.2K (Omron).

  1. Driver Installation instructions corresponding to BCNet-S7 products.

Answer: ①BCNetS7PDsetup1400: 32-bit operating system, applicable to BCNet-S7PPI/MPI;

②BCNetS7PD64Setup1401: 64-bit operating system, suitable for products BCNet-S7PPI/MPI;

BCNet-S7PPI/MPI has a portal driver, and the currently supported version is portal V13 SP1. For higher versions, there is a driver-free method.

③BCNetS7PD1501_Setup_x64: Win7 64-bit operating system, suitable for product BCNet-S7PPI/MPI. When the computer is installed with Portal or WinCC flexible, the compatibility of ② may be a little problem. After uninstalling ②, install ③ as an administrator, restart the computer, and the problem will be solved;

④BCNetS7PD1801_setup_x86: 32-bit operating system, applicable to BCNet-S7200/S7300;

⑤BCNetS7PD1802_setup_x64: 64-bit operating system, applicable to BCNet-S7200/S7300;

④⑤Support Portal driver.

  1. When the Panasonic PLC programming port is a terminal, what is the wiring definition of BCNet-FP?


  1. How to upgrade the firmware of BCNet products?

A: ①For BCNet-S7200/300 modules, there are two firmware upgrade methods. One is to open the IE browser, enter the module IP address, enter the module’s configuration page, and follow the prompts to upgrade the firmware; the other is to search for the software BCDevice _V1012 and above, after searching for the module, click the right mouse button and follow the prompts to upgrade the firmware.

②For modules such as BCNet-FX/Q/CP/CJ/CX/FP/DVP/MB/VB/XJ, directly run the “Run Me!” file in the firmware upgrade package of the corresponding module.

Note: Disable the computer’s wireless network card before upgrading, and the computer’s IP address and the module’s IP address must be in the same network segment.

  1. BCNet-FX is used when the model is FX3GA.

A: The current model firmware has covered the application of FX3GA.

  1. BCNet-CX, when the 10-pin/20-pin programming port of PLC is occupied by the touch screen, how to connect?

A: The PLC is equipped with a 10-pin/20-pin programming port from Omron to the rs232 port module, the direct plug type of BCNet-CX is connected to the 232 port of the module, and the expansion port of BCNet-CX is connected to the touch screen.

  1. BCNet-A, the connection line model from PLC to the module.

A: The models currently available are all BCNet-A V2.0 models, and a shielded communication cable with a 25-pin to-round port is presented with the shipment.

  1. Application occasions where the BCNet-S7 module is equipped with power terminals.

A: Connecting to the CNC machine tool 840DSL requires an external 24VDC power supply.

  1. BCNet models that require an external power supply, and BCNet models that do not require an external power supply.

Answer: ① BCNet modules that require an external power supply: BCNet-MB, BCNet-SC, BCNet-VB, BCNet-A, BCNet-S7 are used for CNC machine tools 840D/840DSL, BCNet-CX rail type.

②BCNet modules that do not require an external power supply: BCNet-S7 module, BCNet-FX/Q, BCNet-CP/CJ/CX in-line type, BCNet-FP, BCNet-DVP, BCNet-KV, BCNet-FB.

  1. The solution when the BCNet-S7PPI/MPI driver conflicts with Portal V13, V14, and Wincc Flexible.

Answer: ①The communication is in a driver-free way;

②When a conflict occurs, if the computer is a Win7 64-bit operating system, uninstall the old driver in the Add and Remove Programs in the control panel, and then install the 1501 version of the driver as an administrator. After the driver is installed, restart the computer.

  1. Use force control to monitor the parameter settings of Mitsubishi FX3U input relay X and output relay Y.

Xmn/ Ymn : word offset: m/2 rounded; bit offset: m%2*8+n (m=0~7)

          Word offset: (m-2)/2 rounded; Bit offset: (m-2)%2*8+n (m=10~17)

          Word offset: (m-4)/2 rounded; Bit offset: (m-4)%2*8+n (m=20~27)

          Word offset: (m-6)/2 rounded; Bit offset: (m-6)%2*8+n (m=30~37)

Note: The word offset calculated by this method, the bit offset is in decimal and needs to be converted into hexadecimal,

Such as X21: word offset: 1H, bit offset: 1H,

Y105: Word offset: 4H, Bit offset: 5H.

  1. When the BCNet-FX communicates with the Mitsubishi FX series PLC, the communication test fails, and it displays “an unusable port/IP address is specified or the connection exceeds the number of MELSOFT settings that can be connected”.

The number of Ethernet connections of the host computer has exceeded the maximum number of connections of the module, and the maximum number of connections of the module is 6.

Solution: Open the webpage setting page of BCNet-FX, and check that the Modbus TCP open number is set too large, you can set it to 1 and then try to connect;

  1. How to create variables in the V area of ​​S7-200 in WINCC?

Answer: The V area of ​​S7-200 corresponds to DB1 in WINCC, such as VB356, which corresponds to DB1.DBB356 in WINCC.

  1. Can Smart 1000 IE be connected to S7-300PLC with the help of BCNet-S7300?

Answer: Yes, connect the BCNet-S7300 to the MPI port of the S7-300PLC, and the network port of the BCNet-S7300 is connected to the touch screen network port through a network cable, which is equivalent to a serial port to Ethernet adapter. The touch screen communicates with PLC through Ethernet and can be accessed through DB1 data block of S7-300, M area, Q area, and I area, DB1 area is equivalent to V area of ​​S7-200, for example, DB1.DBW0 of touch screen S7-300 is equivalent to VW0.

Another way is to buy HMI-S7300 directly, the usage is similar to the above.

  1. The SMART 700 IE V3 touch screen is connected to the expansion port of BCNet-S7200 and cannot communicate with S7200.

Workaround: Update pro save v13 update5, then update WinCC_flexible_SMART_V3_Upd2.

  1. The BCNetS7 OPC Editor cannot be connected.

Solution: Check whether the IP address of the BCNet module is correct, open the search tool (BCDevice, BCNetPro) or the configuration home page of the browser, and check the S7 target PLC address. The value of the S7 PLC Address of OPCEditor should be the same;

Considering that the OPC installation is incomplete, it is recommended to uninstall BCNetS7 OPCEditor, install KepServer, and then reinstall BCNet OPCEditor. The folder name stored during installation cannot contain Chinese, and the components must be installed completely.

  1. When exporting variables to the document with BCNetS7 OPC Editor is empty, an error occurs when exporting.

Troubleshooting: ①Other devices are calling OPC, close it first; ②If there is no Office, or the version of Office is too old, reinstall Office, or open the C/Programmer Files(X86)/Beichen Automation/BCNet-S7 folder of the computer, find an Excel document, this Excel document is actually the target document.

  1. When the Siemens S7-200 programming software STEP 7 MicroWIN sets the PC/PG interface, it displays “No access node found”.

A: There is an error in the installation of the programming software, you need to install a patch or reinstall the programming software.

  1. After installing the BCNet programming driver, the BCNet driver cannot be found when setting the PG/PC interface.

Answer: Method 1: For BCNet-S7PPI, you can use Siemens’ own driver MicroWIN–>computer network card; for BCNet-S7MPI, you can use the driver-free connection, (set the PG/PC port and select “TCPIP–>computer network card” );

Method 2: If the computer is a Win7 64-bit system and the module is BCNet-S7PPI/MPI, uninstall the previous driver, install the driver with version BCNetS7PD1501 as an administrator, and restart the computer after installation.

  1. BCNet-CJ/BCNet-CP is connected with Omron PLC, and the PLC model is not recognized.

Solution: Check the serial port parameters of the PLC to see if the communication port is set to the host link mode, if not, please modify it through the programming cable and then try to connect.

  1. The BCNet-MB connection instrument adopts Modscan32 monitoring, how to set the Device ID?

Open the module configuration webpage and view the parameters:

If [Destination slave station address is determined by unit number] is “No”, then [Default target slave station address] is set to “Instrument station address”, and [Device ID] of Modscan32 can be set to “any value”. This configuration can only take a meter;

If [target slave address is determined by unit number] is “Yes”, then [default target slave address] is set to “any value”, and the [Device ID] of Modscan32 is set to “meter station address”. This configuration can be connected to multiple a meter.

  1. How to troubleshoot the BCNet-S7300/MPI module? Troubleshooting: ① Check whether there is a problem with the connection between the module and the PLC and the host computer and whether the interface of the PLC is faulty;

②Check the IP address of the computer and confirm that it is in the same network segment as the IP address of the BCNet module. If the computer has dual network cards, disable one network card;

③ Check whether the IP address of the ping module on the computer can be pinged;

④Open the IE browser, and log in to the module homepage to view the homepage parameters, [S7 bus status] should be “running”, [auto baud rate] is “complete”, if not, check [S7 bus protocol]: the module is connected to 300PLC, [S7 bus protocol] mode is “MPI/PROFIBUS”, connect with S7-200PLC, [S7 bus protocol] mode is “PPI”;

⑤ Then check the [BCNet station address], which cannot conflict with other device addresses in the bus network. If there is a conflict, modify the BCNet station address; when configuration software, such as WINCC, Kingview, etc., access the PLC register data through the Siemens Ethernet driver, [S7TCP target PLC address] is set to be the same as the PLC station address;

  1. BCNet-FX is connected to Mitsubishi FX series PLC, what are the precautions for Ethernet communication with Kunlun on-state touch screen?

Answer: ① Open the MCGS embedded version software, select [Mitsubishi FX3U Ethernet] – [FX3_ETHERNET] in the [Customized Device] in the device toolbox for the sub-device, if the optional device does not have this driver, you can contact technical support to obtain this The installation file of the driver cannot be replaced by other drivers;

②Set the parameters as follows: network type: “1-TCP”; local IP address: “MCGS touch screen IP address”; local port number: “3000”; remote port number: “5551”.

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