FX3U-56MT56MR 6-axis 100K

Programming Instructions

  1. Write language programs in ladder language, compatible with original GX-Developer, GX-WORK2 software
  2. Support human-machine interface connection, which is completely equivalent to the original FX3U in application
  3. Support ladder diagram programming, download and monitoring;
  4. The programming port is the port for downloading the program and communicating with the man-machine interface;
  5. This PLC adopts industrial-grade 32-bit MCU with strong anti-interference, and its running speed far exceeds the original FX3U
  6. The company’s original password protection;

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Product parameters

High-speed input/output2 channel 100K pulse input2 channels 100K input and 6 channels 100K pulse output
communication port1 RS4851, 1 RS422, 1 CAN bus1 RS4851, 1 RS422, 1 CAN bus
analog2-channel analog input (optional NTC2-channel input) 0-10V or 4-20MA, 2-channel analog output 0-10V2-channel analog input (optional NTC2-channel input) 0-10V or 4-20MA, 2-channel analog output 0-10V
points28 inputs and 28 outputs28 inputs and 28 outputs

Digital input

The input of X0-X33 is valid at the bottom level, the external sensor (proximity switch/photoelectric switch/magnetic switch) should choose NPN output type, and the input current of the drain type is 5mA (the input terminal GND and the power input 0V are interconnected, and no wiring is required.

Digital Output

The transistor output can control 24VDC load. The output of YQ-Y33 is NPN type, and the output current is up to 3A. It can directly control pneumatic solenoid valves, relay relays and hydraulic solenoid valves. 0V of the output terminal is connected to the power supply – terminal, Y is connected to the load, and the terminal is connected to the power supply + terminal

Communication Interface

1 RS485 interface: A+B
1 channel RS422 interface
1 CAN bus


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