HJ1000 series expansion module and HJ3200 series device configuration

Configuring HJ3200 Series Devices

HJ3200 series devices support up to 6 expansion modules at the same time, and up to 6 IP expansion modules can be configured in the expansion slots of HJ3200 series devices

If it is an analog expansion module, you can also configure the filter coefficient of each channel.

Configuring the device address of the IO extension module

Each IO expansion module has a 6-digit address DIP switch with 6 numbers from 1 to 6. If you need to configure the module to slot 1, turn the switch corresponding to number 1 to ON, and then turn the switch corresponding to number 1 to ON. analogy.

Connect LINK port for HJ1000 series expansion modules and HJ3200 series devices

Note: LNK-TX is connected to LNK-TX, LNK-RX is connected to LNK-RX

Reboot the HJ1000 series device

If the HJ1000 series device ERROR light is on, check if the above three steps are correct.

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