HJ3200/HJ6300-CP343-1 PNIO Communication

Select CPU and add CP343 communication module

PROFINET IO network configuration

Configure the CP343 network address

Set CP343-1 to “IO Controller” mode in “Operation Mode”

Check the “IO Address” in the “General” property of the CP343-1 module, the starting address needs to be used for programming

Configure the HJ3205 device

It is necessary to modify the device name of the configuration and assign the IP address of the HJ3205 device. The device name must be the same as the device name searched by the configuration software. When the PLC is running, it will find the corresponding HJ3205D device according to the device name, and then put assigned to this device

View HJ3205 allocated IO mapping table

Call PNIO_SEND and PNIO_RECV functions to establish data communication between CP343 and S300PLC

Map the sending address, and map the 16 bytes starting from MB10 to the QW address space of the HJ3205D.

Map the receiving address, and map the 16 bytes starting from MB40 to the IW address space of HJ3205D.

The actual data can be viewed in the monitoring table

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