How To Connect To S7 200 Via Ethernet

If the S7-200 or the economical S7-200SMART (no network port, only PPI) can use ETH-PPI to convert the PPI port to Ethernet for programming (can replace the programming cable)

Directly connect WinCC with a network cable, save PC ACCESS, high stability, break through the limit of 8 smart200s connected to WinCC, and can reach more than 64 at most.

For the S7-200SMART with a network port, dual-channel redundancy can be achieved through the Mini PPI-to-Ethernet product, and each channel can be connected to a touch screen or a host computer.

When there is a problem with the Siemens S7-200smart network port, the ETH-PPI converter can still maintain the normal communication of the touch screen or the upper computer to ensure the normal operation of production. The total number of connected upper computers and touch screens can reach 4

STEP 7 MicroWIN connection settings

(1) Open STEP 7 MicroWIN, double-click [Set PG/PC Interface], select the driver as shown in the figure below (network card name.TCPIP.1), and click OK after selection.

(2) Double-click [Communication] in the figure below, fill in the IP address of the mini ETH-PPI in the “Remote:” box, such as, and then click OK.

STEP 7 MicroWIN SMART connection settings

(1) Open STEP7-MicroWIN SMART, double-click the communication, select the computer’s local network card driver (network card name.TCPIP.1) and click “Find CPU” after selecting it.

(2) At this time, the programming software will automatically search for the IP address of the Ethernet converter, and click “OK” to connect successfully. If you need to change the PLC IP address, click “Edit” to change the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway parameters of the Ethernet converter. The “flashing indicator light” and “station name” are not available here.

(3) You can also add CPU directly, fill in the IP address of SMART (PPI) in the box below, such as, and then click “OK”.

(4) Note that the RS485 port parameter address of the system block defaults to 2, and the baud rate is changed to 187.5K

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