How To Connect To S7 300 Via Ethernet

ETH-MPI(Smart IE) It is used to convert the MPI/DP port of S7-300 PLC into a network port for connecting to the host computer, touch screen, etc. by network cable.

ETH-MPI(Smart IE) Connect the MPI/DP (master) of the S7-300 PLC to this Ethernet converter and convert it to Siemens Profinet (TCP/IP) Ethernet protocol, which can be connected to STEP7/TIA Portal, WinCC, Siemens SMART LINE touch screen, etc. via the network cable.

STEP 7 Connection Setup

Please follow the link below to download the required drivers.
XP system driver (STEP7): click to download
Win7 32-bit system driver (STEP7): Click to download
Win7/10 64-bit system driver (STEP7/TIA Portal): Click to download

After downloading, unzip it and run ETH_MPI.exe

Then select [install], after finishing, you can find the ETH-MPI driver option in set the PG/PC interface of Siemens.

Open SIMATIC–>step7–>set the PG-PC interface

Select ETH_MPI and click on Properties. (Properties) and enter in the IP address of the converter.

You can use the [Online Test] button to test if the IP address entered is exactly the same as the converter. If you can’t communicate with the converter normally, you should type in the IE browser to check the IP address of the converter, and then change the IP address of the converter in “Set PGPC Interface”.

Select the [OK] button to save the settings, and then you can use Step 7 to program the Siemens S7-300.

TIA Portal setup for Win7/10 64-bit systems

First, install the corresponding driver, open the TIA Portal software, click “Project Name”, select “Online”, and upload the device as a new station.

Select MPI type in PG/PC interface, select “ETH_MPI” as the driver, click “Start Search”, wait until the search is completed, and upload.

When downloading the program, select the MPI type in PG/PC interface, select “ETH_MPI” as the driver, click “Start Search”, and wait until the search is finished.

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