Product Name: Programmable Controller
Product model: CPU221-ETH
Digital: 6 inputs/4 outputs
Analog: 2 input/1 output
Supply voltage: DC24V 1A
Communication interface: 1 PPI interface (support Modbus communication, free port communication)
Expansion module: up to 7
Remarks: analog input supports voltage and current

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  • High-speed transmission: The transmission speed can reach 100M, which completely solves the inefficiency of traditional 485 communication transmission.
  • Powerful communication: Support 5 SOCKETs, and can be linked with 5 terminal devices at the same time. Support network programming, can download the program from the network.
  • Extensive protocol: It can support both Siemens protocol and MoubusTCP general protocol.
  • Programming is simple: use Siemens S7 protocol, no programming is required. If the ModbusTCP protocol is used, there is a dedicated instruction library.
  • Reliable communication: Designed with EMI anti-interference technology, it can work with the inverter without crashing or dropping the line.
  • Convenient configuration: Support web configuration and PPI programming line configuration.
  • Independent operation: network communication resources operate independently, and do not occupy PPI communication resources.


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