Product name: PLC programmable controller
Product model: CPU222XP
Digital: 8 inputs/6 outputs
Analog: 2 inputs/1 output
Supply voltage: DC24V
Communication interface: 1 PPI interface (support Modbus communication, free port communication)
Remarks: Analog input supports voltage and current

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  • Extended functions: CPU222XP supports extended functions, but MPU222XP does not.
  • Good compatibility: Fully compatible with S7 programming software and instruction set.
  • Abundant resources: 8 digital inputs; 6 digital outputs;
  • Analog input: 2 analog analog inputs, built-in DIP switch, voltage or Current input
  • Analog output: 1 analog output, output voltage and current at the same time.
  • Two-way input: The digital input port adopts two-way optocoupler and supports NPN or PNP input.
  • High precision: The analog input adopts high-precision AD and rail-to-rail operational amplifier, which can realize Low voltage recognition.
  • All communication ports: 1 PPI communication interface, supporting 187.5k baud rate.
  • Rich protocol: Support PPI protocol, Modbus protocol, Freeport protocol USS protocol.
  • Perfect clock: built-in clock battery, dual-loop power supply design, support perpetual calendar standby The machine has been used for more than 2 years.
  • Reliable encryption: Unbreakable after encryption, completely protect your program.
  • Power-down retention: using FLASH technology, no battery support, permanent storage.
  • Comprehensive protection: power supply anti-reverse connection design; communication port electrostatic protection design; analog quantity anti-short circuit protection.
  • Support PID: Support PID instruction, which can facilitate users to realize multi-channel PID control.
  • Strong anti-interference ability: After strict industrial field test and environmental test.
  • High-speed pulse output: transistor model products, support 100K high-speed pulse output.



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