IO input: 16 points bidirectional input
IO output: 14 points relay output
Analog input: 4 channels 0-10V and 0-20mA
Analog output: 2 channels 0-10V and 0-20mA
Communication port: 3-way PPI interface
Product Type: Rail plate type
Supply voltage: DC 24V

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  • Software compatibility: fully compatible with Siemens programming software V4.0 STEP
  • Analog quantity accuracy: After the optimization of the analog quantity accuracy, there is almost no jitter, and the performance is beautiful and the original Siemens.
  • Complete functions: 16 points of input, 14 points of output, 4 analog inputs, 2 outputs, 3 communication ports, connectable modules, real-time clock, automatic data storage.
  • Outstanding performance: full industrial design, can adapt to the strict working environment, strong anti-interference.
  • Safe and reliable: The analog and digital signals are all optically isolated, and the anti-interference ability is strong. The overall controller adopts DC24V human body safety voltage design.
  • Simple and easy to use: No need to change habits directly as a Siemens PLC, simple and convenient.
  • Low cost: Eliminates the need for non-core components such as the shell, reduces the overall cost, and is more cost-effective.
  • Real-time clock: comes with a perpetual calendar backup battery, which can be maintained for two years after power failure.
  • Data storage: Using ferroelectric technology, it can automatically detect when power is off and save it forever, which improves the use occasions.
  • Comprehensive protection: PLC has a comprehensive protection circuit, power supply reverse circuit, analog protection circuit.


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