LE3U PLC is compatible with Mitsubishi GX-Developer/GX-WORK2 software and supports human-machine interface connection, making it equivalent to the Mitsubishi FX3U PLC.

It supports ladder programming, download, and monitoring, and uses a programming port for program download and communication with the human machine.

The LE3U PLC is designed with an industrial-grade 32-bit MCU, which has strong anti-interference capabilities and runs much faster than the FX3U PLC.

The transmission baud rate for the LE3U PLC is 38400.

  • Support Mitsubishi GX-Develoer\GX-WORK2
  • Support for human-machine interface connection, the application is completely equivalent to Mitsubishi FX3U
  • Support ladder programming, download, and monitoring. 
  • The programming port used for program download and communication with the human machine 
  • This PLC adopts an industrial-grade 32-bit MCU with strong anti-interference, and its running speed far exceeds that of FX3U. 
  • This PLC transmission baud rate is 38400

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ModelDigital InputsDigital OutputsAnalog InputsAnalog OutputsPulse OutputsRS485/RTC
LE3U-14MR6AD2DA863 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10VOptional
LE3U-14MT6AD2DA863 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10V2 x 100kOptional
LE3U-24MR6AD2DA14103 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10VOptional
LE3U-24MT6AD2DA14103 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10V4 x 100kOptional
LE3U-30MR6AD2DA16143 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10VOptional
LE3U-32MT6AD2DA16163 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10V8 x 100kOptional
LE3U-48MR6AD2DA24243 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10VOptional
LE3U-48MT6AD2DA24243 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10V8 x 100kOptional
LE3U-56MR6AD2DA32243 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10VOptional
LE3U-56MT6AD2DA32243 x 0-10V, 3 x 0-20mA2 x 0-10V8 x 100kOptional

LE3U PLC Manual

Test Video and Plc Program Example


le3u-24mt wire
le3u-32mt wire
le3u-48mr wire

LE3U Cell

DB9 connector pinout

2 (Rxd), 3 (Txd), 5 (GND) pin


1. DC+ 24V power supply input positive pole
2. DC- 24V power supply input negative pole
3. Com Input common, low level
4.What is ” JO” CAL & CAH ?
CAN function is temporarily not supported
5.The working principle of RS485 communication is as follows:
Our le3u series PLC support MODBUS-RTU


LE3u-MCGS examplc

LE3U PLC Upload and Download

Do not connect with rs232c

Must be create new project, not load project from PLC

AD and DA I can do input and output how to read and write


50 thoughts on “LE3U PLC”

  1. Olá amigo PLC FX3U
    Eu utilizo GX developer para programar só que esta acontecendo o seguinte
    Não aparece para mim o transfer setup para que eu possa escolher a porta serial
    você pode por gentileza me ajudar

  2. I want to read analog input on the first LE3u from the second LE3U using RD3A k1 k0 D1, can I need to rs485 physical port or protocol, what is other method, and how to connect wires to can be using the second LE3U board as a extension module. Please guide for me, sent guiding document to dhauto.ltd@gmail.com. thanks so much.

  3. Power off . my fx3u-32mt device doesn’t remember the data. specifically from d200~d7999 will go to 0. is there any solution. battery ok

  4. for acceleration deceleration i tried setting m8144 M8145 for Y0 in all PLSY PLSV DRVI DRVA
    does not seem to reponse. please help.

  5. im stucked with using rs486. its not responding. can anyone help me tolve my prblem please.
    my whatsap is +9477***32548

  6. Hello, does this PLC has self-diagnostic function? I have one L3U PLC in my hand now, and I need to test the self-diagnostic function.

  7. I purchased the FX3U-48MR24 PLC. The communication cable did not come when purchased. I wanted to know what the pinout of that cable is so I can make one, since I can’t communicate with the FX3U. Note: I am using a ditect usb-rs232 converter but it does not communicate.

  8. 1. Hi, how to install GX simulator 7.16 E, since nothing happens when installed?

    2. How to activate the function start ladder logic test (for simulation) on GX-Developer 8.5?

  9. I need to connect plc Le3u with coolmay TK6070FH hmi, I tried many time but still can’t communicate both of them. Please kindly advice.

  10. Hello, I’m programming a structured project in GXWorks2 in an LE3U PLC. I have two questions:

    1. Is structured project mode fully supported? Or must I use simple project in ladder.

    2. I want to compare floating point numbers with “GT” or “>” function, but I can’t get it working. Do you have some advice?


  11. I can’t download (connect) new program ( PLC LE3U-14T 3 months was off – old program is working ). System COM7 FT232R (FTDI) working properly set 38,4K 7E1 None (also same problem for other cable driver340) – Developer FXCPU 38,4K COM7 – connection test – but still error

    • D0 to D511 do not hold by default, and D511 holds by default. So when programming, pay attention to the allocation of data addresses. If you need to keep the power off, try to choose the D area after D511.
      Before D511, it needs to be set to the power-off hold range, after D511, it is not necessary to set the power-off hold


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