Mitsubishi FX3U connects to MX Component via BCNet-FX

The setup process is as follows.

Run the Communication Setup Utility.

Click “Wizard”, configure a connection, fill in “Logical station number”, e.g. 0, and click “Next”.

Select “Ethernet board” for “PC side I/F” and “Connect module” for Select “FX3U-ENET-ADP” and click “Next”.

Click “Find CPU (Built-in Ethernet port) on network”, find the BCNet-FX in the network, select it, and click “OK”.

Select “FX3U(C)” for “CPU type” and click “Next” until it is finished.

Select “Connection test” and click “Test” to do the communication test, the display will show “Communication test is successful ” indicates that the connection is successful.

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