Mitsubishi PLC and WinCC Ethernet Communication

PLCs such as Mitsubishi FX1N/2N/3U/3G can be connected to the upper configuration software (such as WinCC) through the BCNet-FX Ethernet module and the Mitsubishi Ethernet driver; it can also communicate with the touch screen at the same time. BCNet-Q supports Mitsubishi Q series Ethernet communication.

Network topology diagram:

Mitsubishi FX series PLC and Siemens WinCC software as examples:

Create a new project, right-click “Variable Management”, and click “Add New Driver”.

Select “Misubishi Ethernet.chn”.

Right-click on “Mitsubishi FX3U series”, and click “Connect new driver”.

Click “Properties”, fill in the IP address of the module, the default port number is “5551”, the protocol is “TCP”, the default PC number is “255”, and click “OK”.

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