Mitsubishi FX series PLC Modbus TCP communication

BCNet-FX is a new type of Ethernet communication processor, designed to meet the increasing informatization requirements of factory equipment (equipment network monitoring and production management). It is used in Mitsubishi FX1S/1N/2N/3S/3G/3GC /3U/3UC series PLC Ethernet data acquisition, BCNet-FX supports most SCADA software in the field of industrial control, supports Mitsubishi Ethernet protocol and ModbusTCP two communication methods.

ModbusTCP communication description

BCNet-FX module integrates ModbusTCP communication server, so ModbusTCP clients, such as configuration software supporting ModbusTCP, OPC server, PLC and software developed in high-level language for ModbusTCP client, can directly access the internal data of Mitsubishi FX series PLC The Modbus protocol address has been mapped to the address area of ​​the FX series PLC by default in BCNet, and the implemented function numbers include: FC1, FC2, FC3, FC5, FC6 and FC16.

Host computer communication configuration

(Take Siemens configuration software WINCC as an example)

Open the Wincc software, create a new project, right-click “Variable Management”, select “Add New Driver Connection”, select “Modbus TCPIP.chn” in the pop-up dialog box, and click “OK”.

Right-click “Modbus TCPIP/IP Unit #1” and select “Connection to New Driver”, create a new name, click “Properties”, a dialog box of properties will pop up, select “984” in “CPU Type”, and select “984” in “Server Type”. ”, fill in the IP address of BCNet-FX, and click OK.

Right-click “Variable Name”, create a new variable, here we create a new D0 variable, please click “Select” to set the corresponding address, a dialog box will pop up, select “4x Holding Register” in “Area”, and fill in “4x” Enter “402001”, note: according to the ModbusTCP address correspondence, the address of D0 is 42001. Since the number of address bits in wincc is 6, 42001 corresponds to 402001 in wincc.

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