Omron PLC connects WINCC Ethernet Communication

System Configuration

(Take Siemens WINCC software and Omron CP1H series PLC as examples, communication module BCNet-CP)

WINCC connects to Omron PLC through ModbusTCP driver

Open the Wincc software, create a new project, right-click “Variable Management”, select “Add New Drive Connection”, select “Modbus TCPIP.chn” in the pop-up dialog box, and click “OK”.

Right-click on “Modbus TCPIP/IP Unit #1”, select “New Driver Connection”, create a new name, click “Properties”, a dialog box of properties will pop up, select “984” in “CPU Type”, and in “Server” Fill in the IP address of BCNet-CP and click OK.

Right-click on “Variable Name”, create a new variable, here we create a new DM0 variable, please click “Select” to set the corresponding address, a dialog box will pop up, select “4x Holding Register” in “Area”, and fill in “4x” in ” 417001″.

Attachment: Address Mapping Table

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