The OP320 are cost-effective HMI (Human-Machine Interface) panel displays that come equipped with an RS232/RS422/RS485 communication port for connecting to various PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) using the Modbus protocol 3X and 4X.

The panel display features a monochrome LCD screen and comes with 20 key presses that can be defined to control the PLC functions. The key presses can be configured to monitor and display PLC data and values in real-time, making it suitable for use with various PLCs.

The panel display also includes an alarm information list that can be used to display current alarm information by items in real-time. This feature is useful for monitoring and diagnosing problems in a PLC system.

op320-a display

Additionally, the OP320 panel displays come equipped with an RTC (real-time clock) function, which can be used to display the current time and date.

Overall, the OP320 panel displays are cost-effective solutions for monitoring and controlling PLC systems using the Modbus protocol and are suitable for a variety of applications in industrial automation and control.

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OP320-A Download

OP320-A software

OP320 Cable Wiring Diagram

op320 wiring diagram
op320 communication port and pin definition

OP320-A Communication Port Settings

op320 software setting

OP320-A Support connected PLC models

PLC models supported by op320-a
PLC models supported by op320-a

OP320-A supports communication parameters and baud rate

op320-a communication parameter
op320-a baud rate

OP320-A Software Download

OP320 Software OP20v6.5y || OP320 Software OP20v8.0q  || 

Op320 A User Manual

OP & PLC connection manual || OP series – User’s manual  || OP20 software manual  || Example

OP320-A Modbs RS485 wiring

8—-b     9—-a

OP320-A video


50 thoughts on “OP320-A”

  1. Hi Just wondering if you could help again.

    I have connected the comms and got a program in OP20 Edit Tool
    Set the comms up as 9600, 8, none, 1
    When I attempt to down load, I get
    “Downloading”, and below I get “0%”
    but it does not d anything after, just times out.
    Message ” Time-Out. Please Check Cable and power. Download again”
    but all look ok?

    Any advice?

    • Hi James, I am having the same problem as you. Here is the information I can add that I found.

      Model: OP320-A
      Serial number: 20210415912
      When CTS pin activates, the OP goes into programing mode
      After a couple seconds, the OP displays “Downloading 0%”
      When I sniff the packets at the serial port, the software sends 0xE8 and 0xF0 to the OP
      The OP never replies to this command and the software times out.
      I have checked the communication pins after the RS232 SP232E chip with an oscilloscope and the data packets are arriving at the microcontroller but the TXD pins at the micro controller never change state.
      I have tried OP20 Edit Tool versions 6.5, 8.0 and 9.4.5

      • I got it working. I needed to use version v6. I think my problem is that I installed V8 on top of v9 and then installed v6 on top of v8.
        I started all over and installed v9, v8 and v6 in separate folders. Then when I tried v6 again it worked first time.

        Thank you for your reply! Sorry for the support request. The product is very well built. The boards look very well produced and the soldering looks very good. I am impressed with the quality!

        • Good morning, I’m having the same problem!!
          Could You tell me where did You get the 6 version please?
          Thank You a lot!!

  2. Hello. I have an OR320-A V4.0 panel. I can’t load the project. The panel displays the text Downloaded and that’s it. Software Version 6.5 Y

  3. Estou com problema em fazer o download do programa. Quando tento fazer o
    download, obtenho “Baixando” e abaixo de “0%”,
    mas não d qualquer coisa depois, apenas expira.
    Mensagem ”Tempo limite. Verifique o cabo e a alimentação. Baixe novamente ”

  4. Hello,

    I have touchwin OP320A, and somehow the operator forgot the password and now stuck in inputing password. could you help me how to reset this password? Please send me an email if you have the answer.
    Thank you.

  5. estou com problema para fazer o download. quando executo o download mostra que esta preparando dados mas depois dar um mensagem time-Out. Please check cable. o cabo esta normal. ja tentei com as versores dos software 6.5 e 9.4.. o que pode ser?

  6. I am able to download the screens successfully but all images are bad. Only true type text works, but all text, buttons, led are not displayed correctly. Using 8.0Q I can download, but also tried 6.5 (stops at 0% and times out) and 9.4.3 says need to use 8.

    Any ideas? Thank you.

  7. Hi
    I have two OP320-A-S, the COM port and the cable is ok because I can load the program in one of the two displays, the other is blocked in the “connecting..” condition and does not load the program. There is a program in the display that works correctly with the PLC but does not load a new program. Is it possible to reset the display? What can I do ?
    Thanks for the reply


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