PLC Profinet Remote I/O Module Manual

PROFINET distributed IO module referred to as PN module refers to a network port with Profinet protocol function, which can be directly connected to PLC. The specific models are the HJ3 series and VM3 series. The PROFINET distributed IO module can connect up to 6 expansion modules.

The expansion module refers to the HJ1000 series, which has no network port and no PN function, but can be connected to the PROFINET distributed IO module for point-to-point expansion.

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Wiring: Twisted pair terminals are butted, and the length cannot exceed 1 meter. LINK TX to LINK TX, LINK RX to LINK RX

Software configuration:

First search for the PN module through the configuration software, right-click to read the parameters, then find the expansion module, and double-click to select the expansion module to be added, after the configuration is complete, right-click the PN module, click to update the configuration to the device and restart Check out the PN module.

The DIP switch 1 connected to the first expansion module is turned ON, the second one connected to the DIP switch 2 is turned ON, and so on.

Click to generate a GSD file

Click to generate a GSD file, and then import the GSD file into the programming software. In the configuration software address, M1 identifies the first expansion module, and M2 identifies the second expansion module.


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