Profinet Module and S1200 PLC networking

HJ3200 series use PROFINET and S1200 type PLC networking-V1.2

HJ32XX configuration

Configure the device name

The device name can only contain 26 letters (including upper and lower case), 10 numbers and underscores, and cannot use other special characters.

Configuring device PROFINET Parameters

PROFINET parameters include COM port parameters and IO parameters

The COM port parameter contains two parts: COM attribute and MODBUS parameter:
The parameters of COM attribute include COM type (RS232/RS485), COM port baud rate, data bit, stop bit, checksum and sampling time.

Note 1: The sampling time of the COM port is limited by the baud rate of the COM port, the number of MODBUS terminals connected to the COM port, etc. The set sampling time must ensure that each MODBUS terminal can sample data.
Note 2: The list of MODBUS terminals is distinguished by device ID, and different device IDs represent different MODBUS terminals. Only RS485 supports simultaneous access to multiple MODBUS terminals.

The IO parameters include the sampling interval (minimum 1MS) and the number of input and output (different HJ32XX devices, according to the actual device configuration).

For example, HJ3204 has 16 digital inputs, 14 digital outputs and 4 analog inputs.

Generate GSDML file

The generated GSDML file is saved to the sub-file bluedatabase in the current path, which is required by Siemens software.

The generated GSDML file name format is as follows

Contains the name of the device HJ3200 and the date it was generated, other parts are in a fixed format.

TIA software adds GSDML file

Open the Options > Manage Generic Station Descriptor File (GSDML) menu

Import GSDML files.

Add PROFINET devices to the project

Add the HJ3204-PN device to the project

Take a look at the imported address table:

It can be seen that the IO and COM ports of HJ3204-PN connected to the MODBUS terminal are all mapped to the IO address unit of S1200.

Check out the IO data:

Using PROFINET I/O devices

Try it with the program: I1.0 input is 1 state

The state where the I1.0 input is 0

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