• RVNet-S7300
  • RVNet-S7300 Plus Straight-Forward
  • RVNet-S7300 Plus Crossover
  • RVNet-S7300-S

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ETH-MPI is Ethernet converter for S7-300 series, easy to use, is completely transparent to the user, without adding any program in the host computer and PLC, can use immediately after installed.
It convert PPI/MPI/DP protocol to TCP / IP protocol, so that it can realize long distance, high speed (up to a maximum of 1.5 m) communication and support various well-known host software (such as WinCC and Kingview, force control InTouch, kepserver Ex),
and can be simultaneously connected with STEP7 programming with Siemens S7-300.
Features similar to the SIEMENS Ethernet communication processor CP343-1, can replace the SIEMENS CP5611, CP5613, CP5512 communication card and SIEMENS Adapter PC programming adapter.

  • Support S7-200/300/400
  • PPI/MPI/DP protocol
  • Support STEP7, WinCC in WinXP, Win7 32/64-bits
  • Support SCADA, OPC communication.
  • Support TIA portal platform,
  • Build-in Modbus TCP server
  • Up to 32 TCP connection.
FeaturesRVNet Basic/RVNet Plus
Parameter setting, diagnosisWeb browser, NetDevice
Parameter password protectionSupport
Initialize IP address192.168.1.188
ResetSupport (reset button on the side of the module, long press until the Bus light goes out and then lights up again)
Protocol ModePPI/MPI Slave/MPI Master-Slave/PROFIBUS
Baud RateAdaptive/Manual setting
9.6K – 6Mbps
S7-200/300/400 Hybrid Bus NetworkSimultaneous access to all sites
Bus network with network read/write between S7-200sSupport and access to any site, select MPI slave mode
Ethernet connections32
Protocol supportS7TCP、ModbusTCP、RVNetS7

RVNet BasicRVNet Plus
Data exchange between PLCsNoYes
Communication between PLCs and Modbus devicesNoStraight-Forward:No

Parameter configuration tool

Siemens PLC programming driver (32-bit and 64-bit)

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