RVNetS7 driver-free in Portal

RVNetS7 is a network adapter for communication between various automation devices. If you want to use RVNetS7 driver-free in Portal Software

  1. New project

2. Double-click “Add New Device”

3. Select “Controller”, select “SIMATIC S7 300”-“CPU” in the drop-down list, select the model you actually connect to the PLC, and click “OK”.

4. Double-click the “MPI port_1” of the PLC, configure the MPI port, and click “Add New Subnet”.

5. The “MPI_1” network will be automatically generated. Please keep the “Address” consistent with the MPI address of the actual PLC. The default is 2.

6. Continue to “Add New Device”, select “PC System”, select “General PC” – “PCstation” in the drop-down menu, and click “OK”.

7. Select “Communication Module”-“PROFIBUS”-“CP5611(A2)” and drag it to slot 1 of the PC station.

8. Double-click “CP 5611 A2_1” to configure it, select “MPI” for “Interface Type”, select “MPI_1” in “Subnet”, and “Address” generates 3 by default (to prevent duplication with other MPI station addresses)

9. Select “Communication Module”-“PROFINET/Ethernet”-“General IE” and drag it to slot 2 of the PC station.

10. Double-click “IE general_1” to configure it, click “Add New Subnet” to automatically generate “PN/IE”, and fill in the “IP” corresponding to the NetS7 module in “IP” and “Subnet Mask” and “subnet mask”.

11. Right-click “PLC”, select “Go to Online”, in the pop-up dialog box, “PG/PC interface type” select “PN/IE”, “PG/PC” select “Network card”, click “Search again” “, you can search for the corresponding PLC, click “Go to Online”.

12. Right-click “Program Block” and select “Upload from Device (Software)” to upload the PLC program.

13. Download and monitor similar

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