Schneider Quantum PLC Ethernet Communicates with Siemens S7300

Schneider Quantum PLC communicate with Siemens S7300, S7200 PLC.We implement modbusTCP communication connection between Siemens S7300 PLC (PROFINET) and Schneider Quantum PLC through BCNet-S7300Plus series gateway.

Siemens PLC parameter settings

1,Siemens S7300 configured for MPI or PROFIBUS communication, set the MPI/DP station address of the PLC: default is 2.
2,PLC does not need to be programmed.

BCNet gateway parameters configuration (taking Siemens S71200 PLC as an example, configuration software: Protherm)

1,configuration of the module’s S7 bus, IP address and other basic parameters.

2,configure modbusTCP and Siemens PLC address mapping.

Schneider Quantum PLC, modbustcp configuration.

Directly configure IO scan with the following specific parameters.
1,IP address: fill in the IP address of the BCNet module.
2,Unit ID: fill in the station address of the Siemens PLC (address of MPI/DP/PPI).
3,Read master object: address of Schneider PLC.
4,Read Ref slave: the starting address of the modbus, corresponding to the data address within the Siemens PLC.
5,Read length: length of modbus data.

6,Write master object: internal address of Schneider PLC.
7,Write Ref slave: Modbus start address.
8,Write length: data length.

Note: Read and write separate configuration, (with a separate read, and then with a separate write)

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