Siemens SMART LINE touch screen Ethernet connection Panasonic PLC

Application requirements

Siemens SMART LINE touch screen is connected to Panasonic PLC through serial port. The communication speed is too slow. When the amount of data is large, the delay of screen switching and data update is too large.

This article provides Siemens SMART LINE touch screen to quickly connect Panasonic PLC solution via Ethernet.

Hardware Configuration

Required hardware equipment: Panasonic PLC; conversion module BCNet-FP-S; SMART IE touch screen (take SMART 700 IE as an example).

As shown in the figure: Install the conversion module on the communication port of the Panasonic PLC, and connect the network port of the conversion module to the network port of the SMART700 IE touch screen.

Configure communication module parameters via web page

Touch screen parameter setting

New Project

Open WinCC flexible software, click “Project” – “New”, select the corresponding touch screen model (SMART 700 IE), and click “OK”.

new connection

Double-click “Connection” under “Communication”, and select “SIMATIC S7 200” communication driver under “Communication Driver”;

In “Parameter”: “Interface” select “Ethernet”; in “HMI Device”: “Address” fill in the IP address of the touch screen (eg:; in “PLC Device”: “Address” fill in Enter the IP address of the conversion module (eg:, other settings are default.

new variable

Double-click “Variables” under “Communications”;

Address correspondence between Panasonic PLC and Siemens SMART touch screen

New screen

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