Mitsubishi PLC and WinCC Ethernet Communication

PLCs such as Mitsubishi FX1N/2N/3U/3G can be connected to the upper configuration software (such as WinCC) through the BCNet-FX Ethernet module and the Mitsubishi Ethernet driver; the BCNet-FX Ethernet port and the extended 422 port can also be connected with the Touch screen communication. BCNet-Q supports Ethernet communication of Mitsubishi Q series.

Mitsubishi PLC Communication Ethernet on Weinview Touch Screen

WEINVIEW MT(ie) series touch screen connects Mitsubishi FX and Q series PLC through Ethernet, BCNet-FX(Q) communication module provides Ethernet communication interface for PLC.

Mitsubishi FX series PLC Modbus TCP communication

BCNet-FX is a new type of Ethernet communication processor, designed to meet the increasing informatization requirements of factory equipment (equipment network monitoring and production management). It is used in Mitsubishi FX1S/1N/2N/3S/3G/3GC /3U/3UC series PLC Ethernet data acquisition, BCNet-FX supports most SCADA software in the field of industrial control, supports Mitsubishi Ethernet protocol and ModbusTCP two communication methods.

Mitsubishi FX PLC Ethernet Communication

BCNet-FX supports Mitsubishi programming software GX Works2 for program uploading and monitoring of the full range of FX PLCs via Ethernet, and with the remote module, program maintenance and data acquisition of remote devices can be conveniently realized.

Mitsubishi FX and HMI Ethernet Communication

The PLC bus protocol analysis function of BCNet-FX-S can analyze the current data flow of the FX programming port, detect the current read behavior and write behavior of the touch screen, and combine with the panel information of the touch screen, the important point table information of the PLC can be derived.