LE-200 PLC

Fully compatible with Siemens programming software V4.0 STEPAfter optimization of the accuracy of the analog quantity, there is almost no jitter, and the performance is comparable to the original Siemens.Input 16 points, output 14 points, analog input 4 channels, output 2 channels, communication ports 3 channels, connectable modules, real-time clock, automatic data storage.Fully industrial design … Read more


CPU224XP Ethernet Analog 2 channel input/1 channel output DC24V 1A 2 channel PPI port(support Modbus) Up to 7 modules can be connected 1-channel Ethernet port The software supports all instructions in Siemens v4.0 Step 7 Check Price The CPU224XP-ETH plc has a powerful communication function, It provides 5 SOCKETs, which can be connected to 5 … Read more