How To Connect To S7 200 Via Ethernet

If the S7-200 or the economical S7-200SMART (no network port, only PPI) can use ETH-PPI to convert the PPI port to Ethernet for programming (can replace the programming cable) Directly connect WinCC with network cable, save PC ACCESS, high stability, break through the limit of 8 smart200s connected to WinCC, and can reach more than … Read more


BCNet-S7200Plus is an advanced version of BCNet-S7200. On the basis of BCNet-S7200, the network port supports data exchange and ModbusTCP master-slave communication with Siemens Ethernet such as S7-200SMART, S7-1200/1500, S7-300PN, CP243-1/CP343-1/CP443-1 Function.BCNet-S7200Plus straight-through type: The extended nine-pin female port can be connected to Siemens, Proface touch screen and master station.BCNet-S7200Plus bridge type: The extended nine-pin … Read more


BCNet-S7200 is used for Ethernet data acquisition of Siemens S7-200/SMART S7-200PLC, which is very convenient to build a production management system.The BCNet-S7200 does not occupy the PLC programming port, i.e. the programming software/upper computer software monitors and acquires PLC data via Ethernet while the touch screen can communicate with the PLC via the extended RS485 … Read more