The USB-1761-CBL-PM02 is a programming cable that provides serial connection and RS232 signal conversion via a USB interface.

Under the control of the driver running in the computer, the USB interface of the computer is simulated into a traditional serial port (commonly known as the COM port), thereby using existing application software such as programming software, communication software and monitoring software.

The working power of the USB-1761-CBL-PM02 is taken from the USB port, and the LED on the converter box indicates the data transmission and reception status and power status.

Supported operating systems: Win98/200/XP/Vista/Win7 system/Win8 system.

USB-1761-CBL-PM02 Applicable to AB Micrologix1000/1200/1500 and other PLC programs download and upload, length 3 meters, distribution drive CD, with carton packaging

Characteristics and Technical Indicators

USB Interface, AB MicroLonix 1000/1200/1500 Series PLC programming cable, length 3M 8-pin round
Allen Bradley PLC Programming Cable Adapter USB-1761-CBL-PM02 programming cable for Micrologix Series.Fully supports RS Linx communications DF1 or DH-485.

Cable is molded construction on both ends,we also found the perfect length to be about 10ft.

01.Allen Bradley PLC Programming Cable Adapter USB-1761-CBL-PM02 programming cable for Micrologix Series.
02.Fully supports RS Linx communications DF1 or DH-485.
03.Brand New In Box.Quality is guaranteed.
04.It supports Windows2000/XP(WinNT4/95/98/Me/DO NOT Supported).
05.This cable is an exact OEM cable replacement and not made by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation.
06.Compatibility PLCs (basically all Micrologix brands)

Micrologix 1000
Micrologix 1100
Micrologix 1200
Micrologix 1500


USB-1761-CBL-PM02 programming cable needs to install USB device drivers to use. 

When the driver is installed, the COM port corresponding to the USB-1761-CBL-PM02 programming cable will appear in the device manager of Windows. It is only necessary to select the COM port in the programming software or other application software. The other communication parameters are set by default.

1761-cbl-pm02 pinout


usb-1761-cbl-pm02 drive

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