USB-QC30R2 programming cable is simulated into a traditional serial port (commonly known as COM port) through the USB port of the computer so that all kinds of existing programming software, communication software, and monitoring software can be used to convert the status of the LED on the box to indicate the receiving and receiving of data. This cable is suitable for Mitsubishi Q series PLC

Characteristics and Technical Indicators

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Windows 2000 
  • Support Programming Software Version: Unlimited Version 
  • Each PC only supports one USB programming cable.


  1. USB-QC30R2 programming cable needs to install a USB driver to use.
  2. After the installation of the driver, COM corresponding to the USB-QC30R2 programming cable will appear in the device manager of Windows.
  3. In normal use, first, insert the cable into the computer USB port, and then insert the six-pin round port into Q_PLC
  4. Open Resource Manager View COM slogan, click My Computer Control Panel Management Tool Computer Management with mouse Logic Device Manager Port (COM and LPT) Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm (COMx) This COMx is the COM slogan for USB programming cables
  5. Open the programming software GX DEVELOPER, and Open On-line Transmission Settings DEVELOPER. Double-click \Serial Port (USB) to set the COM slogan and set the baud rate to
    9600 can communicate



usb-qc30r2 drive

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