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Weinview touch screen

Weintek can be a global major HMI producer and is focused on growth, style and developing of HMI.

EasyBuilder Pro is actually a software that greatly simplifies the visualized venture editing process.The program works with a variety of Ethernet/Ip address and Modbus TCP communication methodologies,it gives you you multiple-functionality physical objects with dynamic use assist plus it shows the traces in the development for history checking out

cMT Viewer is a client software that enables consumers to view and control cMT products and screens,simply and efficiently. cMT Audience runs the HMI task in the consumer gadget.

Weinview HMI Software

EBproV6.04.02_20200824 【For cMT-X/cMT/eMT/iE/MT(iP)/TK(iP) Series】 Download
EBproV6.04.01_20200821 【For cMT-X/cMT/eMT/iE/MT(iP)/TK(iP) Series】  Download
EBproV6.03.02_20200213 【For eMT/cMT/iE/MT(iP)/TK(iP) Series】  Download
EBproV6.01.01_20180827 【For eMT/cMT/iE/MT(iP)/TK(iP) Series】  Download
EBproV5.07.01_20171018 【For eMT/cMT/iE/MT(iP)/TK(iP)机型】 Download

EasyAccess2_V2.10.07[PC]_20200720 For iE Series/eMT Series/cMT Series  Download
EasyAccess2_V2.10.07[Andriod]_20200720  Download

cMTViewer_V2.13.27[PC]_20200708 For cMT  Download
cMTViewer_V2.13.27[Andriod]_20200708 For iE Series/eMT Series/cMT Series  Download

EasyLauncher_V1.14.53_20200504 For iPC Series/Windows PC  Download

EasyDownload_V1.0.05_20170816 No need to install EB8000/EBPro configuration software, you can use this EasyDownload tool to download Project  Download

EB8000V466.02.016_20161220. 【For MT/TK Series】 【No support T/X Series】 Download
EB8000V465.12_20140507. 【For X Series】 【No support T Series 】  Download
EB8000V443_20110701 【For T/X Series】 Download

EB500V274_080130_chs(Simplified) 【For MT500 Series】 Download

How to choose TK series

Before you install the software, please change the window to Chinese version, So please do as follows:

1, Change the window area to CHINA
2, Change the window language to Chinese

Step1: Download the right software EB8000 for MT/TK

Step 2: Make sure the install language is Chinese.

Weinview HMI Manual

weinview tk6070ih manual Download

weintek tk8071ip

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